Yeelight not working with Alexa any more


+34654489005 is this your phone number?


That’s the user Id of my xiaomi account


We didn’t find your xiaomi id from log. Please double check:

  1. your xiaomi id, get can get it from yeelight app at:

  1. which skill did you installed in alexa app?

Here it is



I installed the Yeelight skill that says “Yeelight Skill only supports international users…”


Hi, any news about this?


Hi, could I contact you via WeChat or WhatsApp? Please email us your amazon identifier with title “Apply for Yeelight Skill issue testing” to I will add you to testing skill for debuging. Thanks.


I have the same problem. I have my Yeelight Color Bulb connected with my App Mi Home, and it works fine. The problem come when I try to connect it with the Alexa App, that it does not recognize any device. My server is set to the China one and I am not able to change it to the Singapore server. My user ID is 1701387750


Have the same problem now.

My Alexa worked with Yeelight LED Bulb and Yeelight Ceiling 650mm LED Lamp last 2-3 monthes.
Today I upgrade firmwares on both Yeelight for last versions (in MiHome app) and now have problems:

With Mainland China server my Alexa could discover devices, but can’t control it.
With Singapore server my Alexa couldn’t discover any devices.
I could control it from Alexa only if I set up Yeelight devices from Yeelight app. (but this app not so very useful like MiHome).

Yeelight LED Bulb firmware now is 1.4.2_0070
And I could control this bulb from MiHome app, but after update to this firmware, I can’t control it from Alexa.

Could you help me, please?

I don’t know what topic I should use for this question, sorry for the duplicate.


I am having the same issue so is there any fix yet??


You could try reset lamp and set up again with Yeelight app. After that discover in Alexa and use…
I think that’s only one working for me at this moment…so, can’t use Mi Hime app now…


Already reset so I don’t know what to do

  1. 5 turn on/off cycles
  2. set up lamp in Yeelight app (wifi network the same like for Alexa device)
  3. Alexa app -> Add Device…after 45 sec of discovering you should see your Yeelight device
  4. Add Yeelight device and create routines for control.

I did that still does not work


Hello! I have the same probleme here… i connected my rgb yeelight v2 to both mi home and yeelight app its works fine on both but when i download the skill on alexa it finds the device but it doesnt work, it says device is unresponsive… can someone please help me?



Exactly the same problem as already discussed. My v2 color lamp doesn’t work with Alexa. The first gen color bulbs works fine. I am on China server but I don’t think that it has to do. All we have the same problem. The bulbs are discovered but “unresponsive”…
Is there any progress?


hi,we did not support China server yet.



Thanks for the reply. But the first version of the Yeelight Color Bulb works fine… If i choose the Singapore server the new version will work with Alexa? Are there any plans for supporting the China server soon?


Hi. Are you using our beta skill or online skill. Our online skill will support China server ASAP. Please stay tuned. Thanks.


Online skill.

OK. Thanks a lot!