Yeelight not working with Alexa any more

I’ve been using a couple of Yeelights for a year or so now & they always worked fine with Alexa.
When I first signed up I used my mobile number for account name and used the Singapore server.

However for some reason they stopped working around 4 weeks ago, I reset them. 5 x power on / off.

Rediscovered the bulbs in the Yeelight app which worked fine but Alexa just will not discover them anymore.

I’ve tried various servers & am currently on the Singapore one, My MI ID: 1689951913 & I’ve logged out & back on for different servers but the ID stays the same, using my mobile number & a password to log on.
Enabled & disabled the skill repeatedly via Alexa app & tried Alexa discover devices numerous time.

I see on this forum that many people have had the same issues of late, hoping someone from Yeelight can help me out?


We will take a look.

Old Yeelight I see, new version I do not see anymore

Hi. Terribly sorry. What do you mean “Old Yeelight I see, new version I do not see anymore”. How many devices do you have and which ones can not be discovered anymore?

Sorry I was in hurry
3 of YLDP02YL AC220 V RGBW E27 I see in:
MiHome App
Yeelight App
Amazon Alexa (Yeelight and MiHome skill activated)

2 of YLDP06YL 10W RGB E27 I see in:
MiHome App
Yeelight App

BUT I do not see in:
Amazon Alexa (Yeelight and MiHome skill activated, together or one than another)

All firmware updated.

PS Also I shared smart lights to my family, they can control it, but it is not permitted for them to schedule something.


Anyjoy dinghyichen

My yeelight is currently connected & working with the app but no Alexa discovery??

which server did you select?

Singapore initilay when all worked.
Then tried US & Germany, no dood.
Back on Singapore?

Hi. I have tried and it worked fine. May I invite you to a beta testing skill? Please send your amazon identifier to with subject “apply for Yeelight dot testing skill”. Thanks.

Hi, if you can tell me where I find my Amazon identifier I will do so?

Your amazon id is the user name you login your amazon account. It is more like an email address.

Can also try?

yes, please

Hello i’m facing the same trouble for a couple of weeks now, i tried everything i could but Alexa is still not finding anything. Can you please help me ? I’m sending to you an email with thé details you requested. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi there, same problem, just got my Echo dot and I can’t get it to work with my yeelights. Tried all the servers.

Then, what’s the problem for details? Yeelight lamps not detected? Or voice command not work?

Yeelights appear on the yeelight app. Skill installed, all lights set to Singapore server, but Alexa app does not detect any of them.

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Please show me your xiaomi id. (Make sure you have login with same account in Yeelight app and Alexa app->Yeelight Skill)

Any news about Alexa + Yeelights ? (detected, but appears disconnected)
Singapore, German servers are already tried …

This problem has been submitted for a too long time.
Where is the solution ? Somebody work on it ?

Or maybe we need to change all lights to a more serious product like Philips Hue ?

I’m really disappointed, like lot of people here …

Sure, my Xiaomi id is
And yes, I logged in using the same account on Yeelight and Alexa