Yeelight not working with Alexa any more


I’ve been using a couple of Yeelights for a year or so now & they always worked fine with Alexa.
When I first signed up I used my mobile number for account name and used the Singapore server.

However for some reason they stopped working around 4 weeks ago, I reset them. 5 x power on / off.

Rediscovered the bulbs in the Yeelight app which worked fine but Alexa just will not discover them anymore.

I’ve tried various servers & am currently on the Singapore one, My MI ID: 1689951913 & I’ve logged out & back on for different servers but the ID stays the same, using my mobile number & a password to log on.
Enabled & disabled the skill repeatedly via Alexa app & tried Alexa discover devices numerous time.

I see on this forum that many people have had the same issues of late, hoping someone from Yeelight can help me out?


We will take a look.


Old Yeelight I see, new version I do not see anymore


Hi. Terribly sorry. What do you mean “Old Yeelight I see, new version I do not see anymore”. How many devices do you have and which ones can not be discovered anymore?


Sorry I was in hurry
3 of YLDP02YL AC220 V RGBW E27 I see in:
MiHome App
Yeelight App
Amazon Alexa (Yeelight and MiHome skill activated)

2 of YLDP06YL 10W RGB E27 I see in:
MiHome App
Yeelight App

BUT I do not see in:
Amazon Alexa (Yeelight and MiHome skill activated, together or one than another)

All firmware updated.

PS Also I shared smart lights to my family, they can control it, but it is not permitted for them to schedule something.



Anyjoy dinghyichen

My yeelight is currently connected & working with the app but no Alexa discovery??


which server did you select?


Singapore initilay when all worked.
Then tried US & Germany, no dood.
Back on Singapore?


Hi. I have tried and it worked fine. May I invite you to a beta testing skill? Please send your amazon identifier to with subject “apply for Yeelight dot testing skill”. Thanks.


Hi, if you can tell me where I find my Amazon identifier I will do so?


Your amazon id is the user name you login your amazon account. It is more like an email address.


Can also try?


yes, please