Call for beta users for Brand New Yeelight Alexa Skill


Sorry. But we can only add you to the beta skill again. Good news is that our skill will be release.


The beta testing is global.


Could you please send it again. Sorry for that.


The beta testing is ended. You can send email again. We are still working on our new skill to go live.


Hi there.

I’ve just sent another email requesting access for beta testing (since my previous ones still have no response).

Thanks in advance.


It’s working nice.
Don’t forget to delete everything (offline lamps and scenes) on the old server. It can cause troubles.


Yeah. We are still working on it. Thanks.


Check your email. Thanks.


Check this please.


@ Luhaobo - so is Alexa now supported on the China servers?

Or when will this be supported if not yet?


We are still working on it. You can try our testing skill which supported the China server.


how do i do that?

I am based in China but really want Alexa to turn on the lights - and use the Gateway


Please read the original thread.


ok am brand new here, can you point me to it?

Or do you mean this thread and email for beta testing?


Email for beta testing.:blush:


Thank you… invitation accepted.


  • All lights and scenes detected, and can be controlled by both Alexa app and echo devices.
  • the light status in Alexa app keep saying that “device is unresponsive” although they are responding to commands.


Thanks for you message. We will have a check. Thanks.



Is the beta testing still available? I’ve sent you an e-mail 2 days ago.


Hi @luhaobo,
I sent the request few days ago. Could you add me to the testers please.
Thank you!


Sorry, due to Chinese New Year. Could you please send me the request again? Thanks.