Call for beta users for Brand New Yeelight Alexa Skill


Hi Lu,

i sent an email but get no invitation.

Best regards


Hi, i sent an email with my amazon adress mail, please add me to the beta, i’m a french user



Hi Lu!
I also send a mail but got no invitation!
I would be happy if my smart lamps would actually work with alexa.

best regards, daniel


Hi, mail sent.

Waiting for invitation for testing.



I’ve got this email 4 days ago

Thank you for your participation and feedback during the beta test for "YeelightTesting".

Please use the following address to provide feedback:

We may contact you for additional feedback and hope you 
enjoyed the experience.

To unsubscribe from future testing invites, go here: 

Has beta testing ended?
I’ve tried installing the regular Yeelight skill, it can find my devices (mainland china server). But all of them are unresponsive.


We are so sorry. You can use the beta test for up to 90 days. We will release the beta skill ASAP. Thanks for your support.


Thanks a lot ! i tested the beta skill for only a week and i can say that it works great ! thanks ! can’t wait !!


I received email for beta testing, but I cannot figure out if I actually have the beta version.
However, it still does not detect the lamps (Yeelight YLXD01YL and Yeelight JIAOYUE 650).
Only find 1 light bulb (the Yeelight E27), but it does not work.


Is it possible to extend this 90 days limit please ?

Or is it possible to have an other access while we are waiting for the skill release ?

Thank you very much.


Hey @luhaobo, I have just sent you the email.
Looking forward to trying out this new skill!!



Thanks for your answer and i would really be happy to use a ton of yeelight lamps with alexa.
if your beta skill is going for regular use pretty soon its no problem.



I would like to participate in the Beta testing!

Thank You!


Hi, mail sent.

Waiting for invitation for testing.



Mail send please respond after the third try :wink:
Thanks a lot and seeya, daniel


Any news on this?


Email sent.


email sent.
waiting for invitation for testing.


ahh got a mail


Thanks for the reply Hobert Lu!
So i will be patient and wait for the new skill to arrive! :wink:


Sorry for huge delay. Could you please give me your amazon id? I will add you to a debug skill to figure out your problem.