Call for beta users for Brand New Yeelight Alexa Skill


Hi Hobert Lu.

Mail sent :wink:



Hi. Sent an invitation to you email and please accept it.


Hi. Sent an invitation to you email and please accept it.


Invitation accept.

YeeligthTesting work =)

Thanks Luhaobo.


not at all


Hi, when the feature will be release to all the users? Before the new year?
What about the latency time for the users that can now use the chinese server (especially regarding the V2 RGB bulbs)?



It’s possibility apply for Yeelight Skill beta testing?


Hi, e-mail sent



We are still working on it. Thanks for your support.


Yes, you can. Read the content of this thread.


Thanks for your support. I will add you ASAP.


Hi, I can’t see your mail. Can you try again please (please consider the correct mail)?


Email sent! Thank you!


Have you received the invitation?




Is it also possible to become a beta user as a European? Just got my 4 color bulbs in yesterday and would love to help with improving the app and its features.


Yep, thank you very much.
Thanks for the service.


Hi, it’s all working correctly now.



I would love to test it.
I got 4x third gen dots and 15 Yeelights (bilbs,led stripes and ceeling lamps)

Ill send you a mail Hobert Lu!
best regards and thanks for you support, daniel!


Hi, I’m Italian, and my provider is Fastweb (FTTC). I tested the experimental skill for a week, the latence is greater than Google Home. I mesured something like 4.8-5.5 sec between the Eco “ok” and the lamp state change. With google home mini (same conditions) i have something between 2.5-4.0 sec delay (between the end of the sentence and the state change). Using Yeelight app and the same wifi, i have something like 1 sec delay.