Music mode for Yeelight

Yeelight Music is now unsupported and won’t get updates since its main functionality, capturing internal audio from the device, has been merged into the official Yeelight app.
Thanks to the Yeelight team for allowing me to collaborate.


An improved and reliable music mode for your Yeelight devices that reacts to the beats of your songs. Customize it to your liking and say goodbye to interferences caused by voices or surrounding noises. Yeelight Music captures the internal audio from your smartphone or tablet instead of using its microphone and offers a wide variety of customization options.

· Brightness control: let the app decide the best brightness level for each beat or choose a fixed one if you prefer.
· Color control: assign any color to each of the three main frequencies or randomize it.
· Visualize how the lights react to the sound in real time through your screen and light bulbs simultaneously.

· Yeelight LED (Color)
· Yeelight LED (White)
· Yeelight Lightstrip (Color)

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please contact through the email address that you can find at the bottom of the page.

· Smartphone/tablet and Yeelight devices connected to the same local network.
· Developer mode/LAN control enabled for each device.

· RECORD_AUDIO/MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: required to capture internal audio from the device and for visualization purposes. Provides partial and low quality audio content so privacy is not compromised, but it’s enough to make the app work reliably.
· WAKE_LOCK: required to ensure that the app functions as expected even when running in the background or with the screen off. Wakelocks are only kept alive when music mode is running and killed automatically when leaving it or after a timeout, so they can’t be abused.
· Internet related permissions: allows the application to discover devices automatically and allows the music mode to communicate with the bulb.


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Would you all consider sending some review units to @jordi.id96?
He/She has been releasing very good software to support Yeelight.
Especially the Windows software that support synchronised ambient color.
Sadly to see that not multiple light is supported.
May be he/she can make it happen if you send him/her some review units.
Just my 2 cents.

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Sure, we just need the address.

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This app just crashes for me both on my S8+ and my tablet.

That’s very kind of you!
As I explained in other posts, a lot has been going on. I’ve been busy working on Yeelight Music and other unrelated projects, so the development for Yeelight Toolbox had to be paused. Now that I finally released the app development will be resumed.
I have an almost infinite list of features I want to add but I’ve put bulb groups to the top priority because lots of people asked for it. The problem is that I only have one single bulb, so debugging would be complicated.
I just want to thank you for your patience

That’s awesome! I’ll PM you.
Also I want to say that I love this forum because I cant directly talk with the staff and developers, and that helped me a lot.
Thank you so much

Weird, I’ve had other reports only on S8+ too. I developed the app on my Galaxy note 8 without any problem so something weird is happening on that device.
Please, PM me, we’ll fix that, don’t worry

Which model do you already own? We can ship some products that you don’t have.

I only have one RGB bulb (first gen). I really appreciate it guys!

v1.1.0 published:
· Added a button to reset the color picker to its default state.
· The color picker now will remember your previous selection.

This looks amazing
how do you get it on an iPhone?

I don’t know if capturing internal audio on iOS is posible. I’ll take a look into it

Any chance something like this could come to PC?

I’ll add the feature to Yeelight Toolbox too

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Could you DM me or reply to this when it’s done? Awesome!!

There’s another thread for yeelight toolbox, i’ll publish the changelog there

· Added a button to toggle on device effects.
· The light will be dimmed if music is paused.
· Improved beat detection logic and response time.
· Updated some UI elements and fixed some animations.

Hi Jordi,

Yeelight Music is not working for me.

  1. I have 2 lights. Yeelight ceiling light and Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 (starry). I have got Yeelight colour bulb today, but I haven’t tried it yet.
  2. S7 Phone connected to the same local network as lights. I tried coonected both lamps via home WIFI network and I have created HOTSPOT via cellphone. Nothing is working for me.
  3. Permissions for all apps enabled.
  4. Yeelight Music 2.0, Yeelight app 3.1.62 and Mi home 5.4.14.
  5. Developer mode/LAN control enabled.
  6. Music via samsung music app.

When i push Play button the light go ON (default state) and that’s it. When I press pause the light go OFF.

Any advice is welcome.


Yeelight ceiling light is not an RGB device. Brightness control might work but color control won’t. Nothing I can do about it, it’s a device limitation.