Music mode for Yeelight


I know, but Yeelight LED ceiling is (650). And it’s not working either. Is Yeelight LED ceiling color light supported?



Is the model name “starry”? If so, it doesn’t appear in the third party docuemntation so sadly it’s not supported.


Yes it’s “starry”. Thanks for the answer.

Question for the Yeelight team. Why is starry light not part of third party documentation? :wink:


App just immediately crashes on launch - “Yeelight Music keeps stopping” (Close App / Send Feedback)

It does this on both my Android phone (Android 7 Nougat) and in an Android emulator for PC.


Can you share a logcat with me?
I’m thinking of creating a telegram group or something for testing and debugging Toolbox and Music.


I’ve created a Telegram group for bug reporting, feature requests, suggestions and beta testing. English only. I might as well create a Telegram channel for changelogs so development and releases would be easier to follow.


Maybe, you can make Google Assistant skill for Google Home Speakers?
I think it will be perfect feature!


Hi Jordi,
Did you have a chance to look into if it was possible capturing internal audio on IOS?


I looked into it (not much in depth) and doesn’t seem possible. At least I couldn’t find any method or precise information


Jordi the 650 has RGB. It is called ceiling light moon pro.


What is the name of the software for Windows?


Ah okay, thank you anyway for looking in to it Jordi