Yeelight LED 2nd Gen wont show up in google home

I bought Yeelight LED white 2nd on amazon usa. But I setup my yeelight and mihome on china mainland server since gate way is not supported in US server.
When I connect mi home to google home. Only my old 1st gen led bulb shows up in google home. This new 2nd gen wont show up there.

Mihome skill is not controlled by Yeelight, we have let them know the issue.

You can have a try with Yeelight skill which support servers except Mainland china server.

Please refer to the topic, if you have interest.

Hi Andy my second generation colour yeelight is not showing in my Google home device list. I am using Singapore server. Have control work with yeelight phone app but unable to integrate with home assistant. My ID is 1764074223 Any help appreciated. My location is New Zealand.

Make sure you have connected Yeelight service instead MiHome service in Google Home app. @Grant1

I am conneIcting

to yeelight service.I see many similar problems in forum. All good until assign room then get message successfully linked and jumps to add device but yeelight has not been added.

@Grant1 show me your xiaomi id.

Could you take a screenshot on GoogleHome App?

Don’t bother MiHome service. We have added Google Home support to all those devices connected to Mainland China server. Try Yeelight service in Google Home app. @j1016h

ID 1764074223

OK, recorded. please try sync devices later.

My 2nd gen Yeelight bulbs are heavily dependent on the Xiaomi hub and Aqara motion sensors. These are not available on anything but China server. This means I must connect Assistant through Mi. How else can I connect to Aqara sensors? I don’t understand. V1 had no issues…


  1. I just installed Yeelight smart led bulb color 800 lumens 10W E27
  2. I need to connect to China server in order for my Mi Home & Yeelight apps to show the 2 bulbs. I can control them in both Mi Home & Yeelight Apps
  3. But i cannot add the bulbs to Google Home (I am in Singapore). It can link to Yeelight service in Google Home but cannot see the bulbs.
  4. My Mi is 249772368
  5. Please advise