Color error with Google Home



I have a problem with a group of 5 light bulbs “Yeelight LED Bulb 2 (Color)”.

When I tell to Google Home to put them white, it turns them yellow. The other colors works fine.

Any solution?


Please show me your XiaoMi ID


My Id is: 82501057


OK, I recorded it.

When you change color to white, any bulbs display yellow ?


Yes. When I change them to white with the app, it works fine, but when I do it with Google Home, they turn yellow. The five light bulbs turn yellow.


OK, i see, i will feedback to GoogleHome.


Thank you! I hope they fix it soon.


Hi, please try change light color to white, if not work, please try sync devices then change color.



Google has fixed this issue. Please try again.


Hi. I can’t link Yeelight RGB lights to Google Home (Mi Box and Google Home App on phone). I have four bulbs. My account OD is 163309075. I am using USA server. GOOGLE home App does not locate the lights/devices.


YES, finally it works!

Thank you very much!