Color error with Google Home


I have a problem with a group of 5 light bulbs “Yeelight LED Bulb 2 (Color)”.

When I tell to Google Home to put them white, it turns them yellow. The other colors works fine.

Any solution?

Please show me your XiaoMi ID

My Id is: 82501057

OK, I recorded it.

When you change color to white, any bulbs display yellow ?

Yes. When I change them to white with the app, it works fine, but when I do it with Google Home, they turn yellow. The five light bulbs turn yellow.

OK, i see, i will feedback to GoogleHome.

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Thank you! I hope they fix it soon.

Hi, please try change light color to white, if not work, please try sync devices then change color.


Google has fixed this issue. Please try again.

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Hi. I can’t link Yeelight RGB lights to Google Home (Mi Box and Google Home App on phone). I have four bulbs. My account OD is 163309075. I am using USA server. GOOGLE home App does not locate the lights/devices.

YES, finally it works!

Thank you very much!

Hi Fern,
I recorded your MI ID, please try link account later, i will see the logs.

Hi Yusure. I’ve throughout the day since your email. Unfortunately, still unable to link/detect Yeelights with Google Home App. All lights are on the latest firmware, on USA server, are powered on and connected to the internet.

It’s working :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Hi, I have the updated firmware, but I have this problem on my two lamps, by Yeelight LED Bulb color.
When I say to change to White it turns yellow. This behavior does not happen with lamps of another brand.
How to solve??

It seems Google Home doesn’t recognize that it should switch the bulb to white mode and not color. Or maybe the lamp doesn’t understand the command.


  1. Tell Google Assistant “turn lamp to (warm) white” and brightness to 100% and then check Xiaomi Home or Yeelight App the bulb is on color mode.
  2. Manually switch just to white mode and the bulb gets real maximum brightness with same color. Warm white is much darker than just telling the assistant to use white only.
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Hello, which lamp do you have? Could you give me a screenshot about device list?

Hi @coasterli @yusure, I am facing the same issue. When I tell to Google Home to put them white, it turns them yellow. Some of the other colours are on the Google Home app such as Ivory, Daylight, etc are wrong as well.
Device: All the Yeelight LED Bulb 2 (Color)

May I know how should I go about fixing this? Thank you!

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I am having the same issue recently. Any “white” colours set by Google Home (Eg. Cool white / warm white / incandescent) makes the bulb into coloured mode and very dim. Was working until a few days ago. Any fix in the works? Thanks

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I am having exactly the same issue. In my case it has also started a few days ago with the same behavior. Any fix yet?

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