bedside lamp does not work using the physical button

bedside lamp does not work using the physical button


After last update, there are some problems again.

Lamp starts but is unusable. All the push buttons doesn’t work!

Lamp doesn’t work at all. Not seen on app and no reaction to buttons.
Could you please let me know what can I do.
I have this lamp for a few months, and I hardly used it.

@masha1234 @wolf1012

Do you have Mijia Bedside lamp, which is wifi based device, right?

if so, please provider your mi account.

Hi, confirmed: Bedside Lamp WiFi Version

I should be already in the White List but I am not able to see this new Beta Firmware.

In any case, this is my MI ACCOUNT ID: 1681999230

Thanks in advance for your help.

I hope this is what you need:
Im still waiting for a solution from you.
Lamp doesnt work at all.


Any news about the firmware update to solve this issue?
Lamp is unusable. We are waiting for a solution.

Please help us.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Dear Sir, I haven’t heard from you and I urgently need to know if you can solve the problem. I have no Idea if in Israel they know how to repair this product because it is new. I bought it in Gearbest.
Thank you so much

We will release the new firmware very soon, please stay tuned.

We will release the firmware very soon, please stay tuned.

Hi, 1.5.9_0169 just fixed this issue. Please try it out.

Lamp doesnt work with physical buttons - does it have any connection to firmware?

Have you updated the firmware? It should be fixed now. All button events are handled by firmware.

How do i update firmware?
Please advice
Thank you

firmware is updated and lamp doesnt work.
Please advice what to do.Thank you

Looks like hardware defect. Please contact the distributor for replacements or refunds.

I have got exactly the same problem with my first gen. bedside lamp. Physical buttons are not working at all. I am also not able to connect the lamp to phone.

Lamp was working correctly at evening. I turn it off with phone before i go sleep. In the morning it was not working at all.

Is there a way to identify if lamp is broken or if it is firmware problem?
My second bedside lamp (also gen one) is working rigt.

Im waiting for the answer as well:-)
I still dont understand what am I supposed to do. And if there is anyway to fix it

did you solve the problem?

I had disassemble whole lamp but didn’t find any physical problem. I also change button battery that is inside. Also didn´t help.
I am pretty sure it is SW problem.
What about you?