firmware version 1.5.9 for ceiling lamps and Xiaomi Bedside Lamp

Hi all,

We have been working on a major firmware update, aiming at solving wireless related bugs that may cause the device to go offline under congested network environments or when inter-working with specific wireless routers.

After several rounds of testing, we think it’s ready for beta release. So if you are already in the white list. you should be able to see that firmware version 1.5.9_0xyz is available now.

It is highly appreciated if you put any findings around 1.5.9 under this thread. Thanks in advance.

Yeelight Development Team

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After update the Yeelight 650 ceiling light (pure white) firmware from 1.5.5_0038 to 1.5.5_0045 on July 6, 2018; the ceiling light become off-line and reset by itself after turn-on the power (wall switch) in short period; only thing can do is to add as new device in MiHome App.
But it happened again in short period (around 1 min 23 sec, as the video, just after add as new device and set-up ambient light then turn off the power via wall switch)

The firmware version of the Yeelight 650 ceiling light (pure white version) is 1.5.5_0045

Will the firmware version 1.5.5_0182 or the beta release version 1.5.9_x fix this issue?

If yes, please add me in the white list, my MI ID is 228312389

Hi, there is a problem after winning the update. The lamp has gone into an “unavailable” state. I’m using Home Assistant. The lamp reset did not change anything. LAN mode is enabled. Please, restore the previous version of the software (1.5.5_0045)
Edit: Control via the Yeelight app is also impossible
MI ID 1598304945

Can anyone help me? After upgrading to version 1.5.9, the lamp is not available in the Home Assistant. LAN mode is on.

The new firmware version fixed a bug in LAN mode, where ‘supported methods’ include incorrect information. Maybe Home Assistant raised false alarm over this update. Please contact its developers for support.

Hi, Daniel,
The answer is no. This looks quite new for me regarding to 1.5.5_0045. Would you PM your IM account id, say WeChat id, so that we talk in more details? Thanks.

@liufei Is it possible to return to 1.5.5_0045 until my problem is resolved?

Hello liufei,

Thank you for prompt response, is that possible to rollback to 1.5.5_0038?

Hi, I tested various configurations and in my opinion LAN mode does not work properly in software version 1.5.9. After enabling this option, after a few minutes the lamp becomes inaccessible and can not be controlled by the Yeelight app, the Mi Home app, the remote control and the Home Assistant. To start it, I have to disconnect the power and turn it on again. I did not have such problems with the previous software. LAN mode is necessary for control via the Home Assistant. Without this function the lamp is useless in my home :frowning:

Same problem here, with 1.5.9_0183 LAN Mode dont work, and can’t controlled the lamp with Yeelight APP or MiHome.

Reset the device, and same problem.

Could you let us know your router’s model? We need to reproduce this issue.
BTW, when the lamp didn’t respond next time, could you try to ping it and see whether you could get the reply?

Router: Xiaomi 3G
When the lamp goes into “unavailable” mode it is visible in the router in the list of clients. Ping is good

hi, can you add me to whitelist. i have the same issue.
my MI account is 1594244992

Hi all, we found the root cause of LAN mode issue and had it fixed. Now the new versions are uploaded. Please update your device and see how it works. Thanks a lot.

Hi, can you add me to whitelist?
My MI account is 1681407031

Hi, the new version 1.5.9_0184 is officailly released now. Please try upgrading to this version.

hi, can you add me to whitelist. i have the same issue.
i have 5 lamps: one 650 and 4 Smart LED Ceiling Light
after upgrade, i can`t connect to network after reset
my MI account is 1815768068

as the latest firmware could not fix my lamp problem that it’s automaticly turn to moon mode when I turn it on
please add me to the white list to have a try for a beta version which might fix my issue, thanks
my MI ID is : 11537608 BIG THANKS !!

Hi, after upgrade from to, the Yeelight 650 ceiling light still have same issue become off-line and reset by itself after turn-on the wall switch power in few minutes and happened again if keep the wall switch power on.

After upgrade to, the same situation still exist for the Yeelight 650 ceiling light.

But Fortunately, with fully support form Yeelight Staff to help to rollback to 1.5.5_0038, the Yeelight 650 ceiling light work as original purchase situation, WiFi connection well and keep connected, can connect to WiFi automatically when turn-on the wall switch.