firmware version 1.5.9 for ceiling lamps and Xiaomi Bedside Lamp


Hi, can you add me to whitelist?
My MI account is 1555181982.
I’m using Chinese server


Hi! Why I didn’t see 1.5.9_0184 in my app? I see only 1.5.9._0043 for 480 lamps and 1.5.9_0053 for 650 lamps. I’m on Chinese server.


Hello, I have a problem (Yeelight LED ceiling lamp 650 mm), after upgrade firmware to 1.5.9_0053 the backlight stopped working. It does not work at all but application shows that it is turned on. Mi 1711916382, Chinese server. Please, help.


Hello, please add me to the list, so I can try to fix my problem which is described in my created topic.
My ID: 1682418677