Yeelight strip plus

Any info when it comes? The month is almost over…

Any news about the ledstrip plus ?

this company feedback is a mess.

Strip plus will be released on June 20th on China market.


This is great news! I would, however, love to know how bright the LED strip gets. That’s the only thing I want to know.

More information?



If you use Google with the translator, you will find news about the latest Asian “CES” in this language. :wink:

Several surprises are coming​:heart_eyes::hugs::heart_eyes::yum:

Could u tell what?


It would be by modules and can be installed up to 10mts

Any official news or images on this?

Google :wink: news chinase

Any news on the release? I’m really interested in buying this but I can’t find any information about it.

I have found only one short news. More delays probably… laoyaoba com/ss6/html/40/n-675740 .html

Why it isnt out yet

The Yeelight Lightstrip Plus (Extended) showed up on the FCC database. Seems like the release is nearby

What? Bad english.