Yeelight strip plus


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Can I buy these wholesale? If so, whom do I contact?


Any news regarding the release of the Lightstrip Plus model? I’m considering getting Philips Hue because of this delayed release.


Yeelight LightStrip Plus will be launched in two weeks.


Can I pre-order these wholesale?


That’s great news! May I also know how bright this new version is? (Lumen)


I want to know this too, is it brighter than the previous version


It’s been more than 2 weeks now. Any idea on where can I get this?
Banggood or Gearbest still hasn’t list it…

Or it is getting delayed again?

What is the lumen rating? Is it same as current lightstrip?


And what is the ID (name) for LAN control? :slight_smile:


I found a link on Gearbest:
Extender cable:


Unfortunately, it seems like all questions regarding on how bright this new lightstrip is are being ignored. I want to know this before purchasing these lights so I know if I can use this as my primary lighting or just as an accent lighting. So here I am asking this again, how bright is the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus in lumens?



Lightstrip is ambient lighting product, instead of primary lighting. How bright it could be depends on how and where it was installed.


Hi! and the spects for V1? I know its 12W , and 60 Leds in 2meters.
Can we have more information on why the wattage diference?
Can you provide us with the led components part (a single led for V1 and V2/pro)?



Strip plus, aka strip V2, is extendable up to 10 meters, in hence the led components is a little bit lower in wattage than V1.


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No White Colour?


Edit: Fixed with Snap option.


Yes,we remove white mode to pass some certification in Europe, we will consider add it back and only hide it in EU server.


Thanks for the reply

The “Yeelight Strip Plus” works as well as your little brothers =)


It’s very beautiful, cool :+1: