Yeelight speaker assistant add device available on Mi Home App

Does this new release already support Amazon Alexa?

Not so far!

So for now it’s using Xiaomi own AI in Chinese right? In the future, will it support Amazon Alexa?

There is lot of work to do :laughing:

I know… I just want to know there is a plan to support Amazon Alexa in the future.

This speaker can function as Bluetooth Gateway right?

Yes, we plan to support Amazon Alexa and Google Home in the future, and we are actually doing some work on it. :wink:

Yes, the speak support Bluetooth Gateway 4.0.

Thanks for the update.

I would like to know can this AI speaker be use outside China? Does it have any geographical restrictions?

This AI speaker can only support connect to China Mainland server and only support Chinese now. So you can use it outside China with Chinese if you connect it to China Mainland.

Thank you very much for your reply. Hope that you guys can get the Amazon Alexa working soon. Thanks for all the hardwork ! 加油 !!!

Hi there. Since it has bluetooth gateway in yeelight ai speaker, Does this mean my yeelight candela can be voice controlled by yeelight ai speaker and 小爱同学 too? Thx!

I guess not. Bluetooth gateway in this AI speaker is for bluetooth mesh devices, Candela don’t support mesh.

Then what can candela be connected to to other than mobile. Seems like its a product not meant to be intergrated to the xiaomi iot ecosystem

What is Candela?
Candela is the world’s only smart candlelight using the latest Bluetooth (BLE) Mesh technology, combining the warm comfort of candlelight with the convenience and control of smart technology. The BLE Mesh technology allows up to 30,000 units Candelas to communicate with each other.

AI speaker is a standard mesh network while Candela is private (provider by its bluetooth chip provider), they aren’t compatible with each other. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Dingyi,

Happy chinese new year to u n the team!

Was wondering is there similar forum for Candela side. I wanna try to see if we can get the right pple to look into Candela + yeelight speaker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Juz find it strange Candela would wanna be out of this eco system. :smile:

Hi! Could you please update the status on Yeelight Speaker? When will it be launched? I can see that in the MiHOME app there is avaiblible image of the speaker and that it can be added to the MiHOME.

  1. When will it be supporting English? (Approximatly)?
  2. Will it be supporting some other Xiaomi products like plugs and switches?
  1. No plan to support English so far.
  2. Yes, all the devices in MiHome could be controlled via the speaker.

Person above indicated this

dingyichenYeelight Staff12 янв.
Yes, we plan to support Amazon Alexa and Google Home in the future, and we are actually doing some work on it.

Soes it mean this was canceled?

We have plan to develop some similar speaker to support alexa or google home. But not this one.

Can I use Yeelight Smart Speaker like bluetooth speaker and play some music from others devices?
Try to connect laptop but without success.