Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


My ID is 1688151913


OK, i recorded your ID, please try link again, i will see your access log.


Tried to unlink and then relink Yeelight Actions on Google Home but it keeps saying “living room light not available”


Hi i can’t link my google home to yeelight actions
the message says account linked but nothing happens
MI ID: 1802895936


Hi, please try to say “Okay Google, sync devices”, when sync successful, try control devices.


Hi, I didn’t find your link log, are you sure use this account ( 1802895936 ) link to Google Home?

Mijia Bedside lamp offline

Now it asks me what device I want to use even if there’s just one Yeelight in the room. And if I say just the name of the room it does what I ask and after doing it it says “Living Room light not available” even if it has worked. I think it is a weird bug


Hi. I can’t link my bulbs to alexa or Google home. I’m on the Singapore server and it says there added but they don’t show up. My I’d is 1687931750


This is weird, try reset the GoogleHome.


Hi partner, i found your bulbs on China server, please connect to Singapore server.


Hi. I can’t link my yeelight Color bulbs to Google home. I’m on the Singapore server and it says there added but they don’t show up. My I’d is 1692367230


Hello! I just bought Yeelight blue ii and the “Yeelight blue” app works good, but when using the Mi home app or the regular Yeelight app it doesnt find any device, it only says that I should reset my bulbs but I can’t even do that (I tried switching off and on 5 times so many times but nothing happens).

The main problem however is that I can’t connect my bulbs with my Google home mini. I really would like to control my lighting with voice commands. When trying to add the Yeelight actions on google home it says “Successfully added you Yeelight actions” but no new device is added to my Home control.


Hi, like Beaglefinder, i can’t use my stuff on Singapore server, my ID 611092652, thanks in advance


@Beaglefinder @phraok
Hi guys, i recorded your MI ID, please try link account, i will see your access log.



Could you tell me your MI ID ? I think Yeelight blue is not WiFi device, it doesn’t supported GoogleHome.



@Kallakillen Yeelight blue II is the bluetooth based product we published three years ago, it doesn’t work with google home or alexa.


Just tried to Link the Account. you can Check the logs


Did you already check the log?


Sorry, I’m late, i didn’t find “1692367230” any log, did you have two accounts ? if you not have two accounts, could you provide a video to me?