Yeelight Led Bedside lamp D2 can't be added to Mihome app

Hey there. Purchased another lamp and I can’t add bedside lamp D2 to Mi Home app. I can add it to Yeelight app but the light doesn’t show up in Mihome nor it can be manually added.

Is this again lack of support as with what I have been experiencing with Pendant Crystal lamp or am I doing something wrong?

Are you sure you are on the same servers? You don’t have to add anything to both apps, once you add it to any of Yeelight or Mihome, it will be visible in another.

Hello, please provide the model of the light bulb

I remember your bright stone lamp. Ha, ha

Hi there again. The lamp model is SKU:YLCT012GL

That’s not funny. That lamp is still not “supported” aka not showing up in the MiHome app.

Hi there. Absolutely 100% positive that this is true. I have lamps and bulbs in Yeelight app which are not showing up in MiHome app but not the other way around. Fx. Crystal pendant lamp SKU: YLDL01DL not approved on the European server. Now this LED Smart Lamp D2 appears to be the same.

I also have 2 Yeelight LED strips who’s colour can’t be set to regular WHITE light in the app but you can set it via a voice command on Amazon Alexa?!? Apparently there is a firmware upgrade that they selectively enable on some customer ID’s but not all ?!? Super disappointed with it. I started building a smart home lightning system on Yeelight in my summerhouse have now 10+ lights and 4 of them have major issues as above.

Way too many for only a handful devices. I could just imagine the level of complications I would have if I had 50+ lights like I have in my main house where I have Hue for the past 7+ years and never had any of these problems and only 1 spot light failing after 5+ years in use.

Send out the wi-fi from the lights

We’re at 50% on the HAOSHI chandelier audit

I am not sure what you need here is the wifi. It’s 2.4ghz

The lamp is also in Beta and currently does not support MI APP

Is the channel of your purchase incorrect? If it is the normal channel of purchase, contact the dealer to exchange the goods.

The two models in the red box already support the European server into Mi home, you can change into these two models.

I bought it on AliExpress. Not sure it would be possible to return it to China and than back to Europe with those sellers. How far is this one in the audit? Will it eventually be added to the supported list?

How long does it take to get into Mi’s? I don’t know when.

When will the Yeelight D2 model going to be added? How far did you get with getting it on the approved list?

@dongsheng can I get an update please.

It’s already in the pipeline, so let’s go with the lights.

Does this mean it is supported now?

Do not support now, has been in the audit, soon out of the results, if you can access the rice, I will inform you the first time


I can confirm that this is now showing up in both Yeelight and MiHome app.