Crystal pendant lamp can't be connected to Xiaomi Mi Home app

Hey there. Why is the Crystal pendant light not showing up on the list of supported lights in the Xiaomi Mi home app? i have 10 different yeelight lamps, lightbulbs, Arwen, meteorite ceiling and lightstrips and only this one can’t be added and controled through the app.

Can I get a picture of CRYSTAL PENDANT LAMP

According to the instructions, the switch is reset five times. Mi home search Yeelight bright stone LED chandelier. If that doesn’t work, download the yeelight APP and add a device to the APP. As long as the APP is also logged into the MI account, the device can be automatically synced to the MI home.

I have the light connected to the Yeelight app and it is connected to the same Mi Profile ID but the light is not synced to Mi Home. All other lights are showing up. In the Mi Home app I can not find any reference to Yeelight bright stone LED chandelier in any of the categories as a light which is supported.

Would you look at the lamp you bought?
Can you control it in the YEELIGHT APP? Does the MI APP show this light? I looked at your account number, and the light’s already under it. But it’s offline for now.

You can try to pull down and refresh your MI account to see if the device syncs up.

Yes I can see it in the Yeelight app and it is connected to my account. My question is why is it not connected to the Mihome app? I would like to control all of my devices from one app and not have one app for cameras one app for lights from yeelight another one for aqara, etc.

The lamp model is YLDL01DL

The lamp is turned on and I tried syncing just before and it still doesn’t show up in mi app. I originally asked why is the light itself not showing up in the list of supported products in Mi home app?

I’m sorry, I just checked the model behind the MI’s back, and the status of the product is currently under online review on the European server, so the device can not be synced at the Mi’s and can only be used in the yeelight stand alone APP.

Thank you. So this means that there is a chance that they would add it to the list of supported devices at some point in the near future?

Recently mentioned European Server online application, wait for the results, if approved, can be displayed in the Mi APP.

Thanks for the info. Is there any update?
I’m experiencing the exact same situation.
Very frustrating, I want to add the crystal pendant to the Mi Home app to integrate it with the Mi Switch that I have.

Good question. I would like to know the same @dongsheng

It was added to the Xiaomi Mi app now on EU server. Did you tried to add it recently?

Yes, I just checked yesterday. Works perfectly! :slight_smile: