Yeelight LED Strip 1S cannot stay connected

I tried connecting my new Yeelight LED Lightstrip 1S to my Yeelight App but it does not stay connected. I set the Yeelight to reset mode and the app recognises a new device. I try adding the new device and after adding wifi details, the status bar goes to 15-18% completion before it jumps to device name screen. Enter default name, set to Bedroom, enable LAN Control option. The device seems to be successfully added and appears on the device list with the On/Off switch. But then the device disappears immediately after a few seconds. Further attempts to connect the same device gets the same results.

Products S/N: DD05/00080291
Mi ID: 6480593353
Server Region: Singapore
OS: iOS 14.2
App Version: 3.3.34

  1. Determine if the router is a 2.4-gigabyte network.
  2. Make sure the router is in WAP 2 mode
  3. What is the distance between the router and the light strip?
  1. My TP-Link Deco Mesh wifi is setup with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz. Adding device through 2.4GHz network.
  2. Network is set to use WPA2 security mode.
  3. Distance between router and light strips is less than 1m.

Something to note, when server is changed to China Mainland, I am able to successfully add the light. Firmware is confirmed to be updated to latest version on the lighting strip. When I try connecting the light using other servers (Singapore, US, EU), it does not stay connected as described in first post. I want to integrate the light with Amazon Alexa, which is not available through the China server.

Hello, my friend, I just checked the model of the product, this light belt is a domestic version, so you can use it in the Chinese mainland, has not been online overseas, so you add equipment will automatically hide the device. Contact the vendor you purchased and ask for a refund or other product replacement.

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