Yeelight server unresponsive

Yeelight server unresponsive with alexa or Google home


The same here, i tried every yeelight server and resync the bulb but the error stil there.

Same problem.

any solutions yet?

On Google home devices its working however on alexa not yet

Same problem. As of yesterday my lights won’t turn on and off, change colour, with Alexa. But I can turn on scenes with my voice. I have deleted all devices on yeelight app and reinstalled. Deleted all my groups, reset the Internet, changed Yeelight server. Still nothing.

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:frowning: same for me … might appear in Alexa but server no respond, also color setting said not avaible !

Exact same problem here. :expressionless:
north america server

Same issue in Italy. Yeelight App working perfectly but Alexa cannot control the devices (bulb color II)
This happens two days ago (I am using them for almost 2 years)
Please fix!!

Same issue in Spain, this happens one day ago.

Same problem here.

Same problem in France :

  • 1 yeelight 1S is not working with Alexa (voice or app) : server not responding, but work with Yeelight app. But 3 other lights are working fine :eyes:
  • 1 yeelight band in the same situation

same here. Server is unresponsive for Alexa but with manual control in yeelight app, all is ok.

Same here since yesterday
Alexa app on phone detects if the yeelights are on or off but cannot control them(server unresponsive)

Same here, had to set up a few commands via IFTTT but this is not practical. Is any of the staff aware of these issues?

Not working with Alexa, same problem with the server from Europe (France)

The same in here in Portugal. My lights stopped working since yesterday. Talked with a friend who’s also using European server and his lights are working fine with Alexa. Situation is quite strange and it doesn’t happen to everyone.

Please check this.

Also Alexa can check the state of the light (on or off) but can’t change.
With voice instructions Alexa says the “light doesn’t support that”. Going directly to the app it shows the message “server is unresponsive”

Same issue since yesterday. Can control all of my lights via the App. But alexa intergation is not doing anything. Region: Singapore

I’m in mexico. I am super disappointed in the lack of response from yeelight, not aceptable … when they sell their products say that work with Alexa

Same issue with Alexa - unresponsice server. This is the second major problem with Alexa servers with Yee Light in a about a year. Unfortunately, the OEM seems to be silent or just simply not communicate with Yee Light users. Quite disappointing for a company that has nice products. We understand glitches do happen, but can YeeLight team find a way to give us a heads-up?