Colors brightness bug Yeelight Bulb 1S

Hello, recently I’ve been facing a issue with my bulb. I use it with HomeKit and I have a scene where the light stays blue at 20% brightness and it worked well for a while, but since the last two firmwares (updated using Yeelight app) after a day or so when I set this scene the brightness is so weak that only the bulb turns blue, it feels like 1% brightness.

And I noticed if I change the color sometimes it even turns off in some colors… but if I set the brightness to 100% it works correctly, so it’s like it’s glitching on lower brightness levels. To correct the issue I have to manually turn the bulb off and on again, then it works as expected, but after a day or two it happens again.

What should I do? It feels like a software issue.

It looks like it’s the same issue :weary:
Every update they bug even more. I wish I never updated


I have the same problem with the Yeelight 1S bulb. I bought the first bulb at the end of last year (2020), I bought the second bulb quite recently - it was delivered to me last Friday. I bought both bulbs from the same seller on the AliExpress platform. For now, the problem is with one bulb. Both bulbs are updated with the latest firmware - i.e. 2.0.6_0034. Server: Europe and Africa (Frankfurt, Germany). I am very disappointed! Having spent so much money, I expected quality and support.