Yeelight LightStrip Mi Home issue


I recently purchased a led strip plus from yeelight. I am a Romanian resident and have purchased it in Romania. I have encountered the following problem:

I can connect the led strip with no problem via the yeelight app from google store but I cant manage to connect the light strip to the mi home app, it doesn’t show up when I try to search it and I can’t also add it manually (when I connect to the WIFI from the led strip).

I have set up the region for Yeelight app for eastern Europe (Frankfurt server) and for the mi home app I have set the location to Romania, my home country. I tried changing the location to Germany from the mi home app and still not showing. Also, if I change to mainland china in the mi home app I can pair it with no problem.

Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this but I have some motion detection sensors already set up on the mi home app that I would like to pair with the lightstrip.

Can you please give me an idea of what to do?
Thank you in advance.

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Hey, have you managed to solve this problem?

I live in Brazil and I’m experiencing the exact same thing here.
I bought the Lighstrip Plus on the official brazilian Mi store, I have the Mi Home setup for the Brazil server, but the Lightstrip Plus does not show up on the list of available devices to be added, just the “1S” model which isn’t even sold around here!

Lightstrip Plus does not show up on Brazil server