Lightstrip Plus does not show up on Brazil server

The Lighstrip Plus is officially sold on Mi physical and online stores here in Brazil.

It even comes with a Portuguese manual and has a “Xiaomi Oficial Brasil” sealing on the package.

The package and the instructions both have the QR code to download the Mi Home app.

HOWEVER… the Lightstrip Plus model does not show up on the list of devices when your account is configured for the Brazil server!! The only one available is the “1S” which obviously doesn’t work and is isn’t even sold here!! This doesn’t make any sense!!

I tested with an european server, it shows up on the list of available devices and I managed to add it and play with it.

Since this is an official Mi product sold in Brazil and all the instructions point to the Mi Home app, I don’t see why it is not available on the list of devices when I’m using the Brazil server.

My other Mi devices (vacuum, sensors and cameras) bought here in Brazil all work fine with the Mi Home app. I don’t understand why the Lighstrip cannot be used.

Clearly there’s something very wrong here.
It seems the Brazilian server was configured to accept the 1S version instead of the Plus.

Please fix this ASAP!