Dimming Issue with Color4


We are having a strange issue with two of our four Yeelight bulbs.


All are set up in Yeelight app.
Also with HomeAssistant through LAN Control.
All are using the latest firmware to date.
All have been reset at least once.
No physical dimmers, all are wired to on/off switches.

We have a preferred white colour temperature that is set up to be dimmed in mornings and evenings and full brightness when required. These modes can also be manually entered via HomeAssistant.

The issue is that 2 of the bulbs now come on much dimmer than specified, barely visible.

Increasing the brightness manually through the Yeelight app will brighten the bulb, but it will look very red at half brightness. At full brightness it looks more normal.

When in this overly dim state, they can be fixed temporarily by using the physical light switch to power cycle the bulbs. When switched back on this way, the brightness and colour temperature work as expected without the red hue.

They will work normally for some time after a power cycle like this, but are now always needing a cycle with the switch every morning.

Here are two images. One shows 50% brightness while in this ‘fault’ state. The other shows the same bulb and settings after it has been switched off/on at the wall.

Hoping someone has some insight! :slight_smile:


Just a quick bump before I go ahead and call them a lost cause.

It’d be nice to have these working correctly, but there are always alternatives.

Ah, found I am not the only one with issues after long working periods:

Time to return.