Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 - LAN Control issue after update fw to 2.0.6_0041

Please add me to the whitelist. ID 1842683175 (Mainland China)

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Please add me to the Whitelist too. ID is 1589876919 (North & South American[Oregon] Server)

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Please add me to whitelist.
ID is 1692672047 (Mainland China).

Ciao ho bisogno anch’io della modalità LAN. Il mio ID: 1822558416 grazie

Hi, please add also my account to the whitelist: 6266223183.


Actually, this is a bad solution to the problem. What if the consumer buys a lamp with a version higher than 43? Or will it accidentally update itself? What about other lamp models?
In general, it seems that we need to switch to devices from other manufacturers.

i think chyhaiyuan explained it very clearly. Its not a fault of yeelight, its a xiaomi fault.
Yeelight is only producer for this product. All design related stuff is a decission of xiaomi. If xiaomi dont wants lan access, yeelight has to disable it. So at least you are complaining at the wrong side, Clear so far?

Enabling LAN access is pure kindness of chyhaiyuan. He does not have to do this!
If you update your Firmware above .43, this is at least your fault. As soon i’m on .43 (hoping @chyhaiyuan will whitelist me - id is some above), i will take away internet access of the lamp so unwanted updates cant happen.

If i dont get a whitelisting the next days, i will return my lamp cause its brand new.

It is really easy as this.

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Better bring it back then :wink: I think they’ve stopped adding the ID’s.
He/She hasn’t replied for more than 1 week. And I truly believe Yeelight doesn’t have 1 employee able to do this.
So mine is going onto the second hand market.

Hi, i need LAN control real bad,
My Mi ID is 6388038423 (Europe)

I do agree with @ramses to some degree on this one. @chyhaiyuan is trying to help those in need of the LAN control here. But as this thread shows there are a lot of unhappy customers right now and does the management want him to use his time on this? I hope he gets the acknowledgment he deserves, trying to get back the trust of Yeelights customers and fix their reputation. Direct all your frustrations to Xiaomi customer service like I did. They were very friendly and promised to help their customers. Nothing has happened, so now I’m very reluctant to buy their products. A large company like Xiaomi should know better than screwing over their customers, and as customers we can make them pay.

I’m following a thread on the Home assistant forum with interest right now. Some of the wizards over there are making a new firmware based on ESPHome which will make all this obsolete and give us all the control we’ll ever need over this lamp!

Edit; I think that this probably will be a good thing for Yeelight(getting them off the hook amongst others) if the new firmware turns out to be as great as expected. More company’s should open up to tinkering as Sonoff etc. You’ll sell more hardware this way :wink:

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Yeelight, congratulations on losing another customer after years purchasing your hardware exclusively.

Removing functionality without user choice or warning is an act of hurting customers fueled by greedy intentions.

It doesn’t matter if the product is fine but I can’t use the way I want to and for that LAN control is essential. Again, my congratulations for making your products worthless.

Please whitelist my ID.

My house doesn’t work without it!!!

ID 6164798910

Hello @chyhaiyuan, would you please put my id on the white list too? My ID: 1669519211

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Hello @chyhaiyuan , please add also my ID: 1907972588
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highly unreliable. i bought this device just to integrate it into my ha. there was no reference in the update log. I will never buy again Yeelight or xiaomi products

Hey @chyhaiyuan
Please add my ID to white list. LAN Controlis very important for me.

Mi Bedside Lamp 1
My ID: 1847113848

does this only affect xiaomi branded products or all yeelight devices?

Somehow I got it to work by moving the lamp to a different vlan that doesn’t allow internet access.
I can control it via HomeAssistant again so my issue is solved until the device is sold.


Yeelight claims that it only affects the MI line of products, but nevertheless they will get caught in the storm together with Xiaomi.
Home assistant isn’t having it either:

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Oh I didn’t see that tweet, it looks promising.
I saw another tweet where they didn’t specify what would happen to future products so I was confused.
I have emailed them anyway for more clarification.