Meteorite/pendant lamp can't log in to German server

I bought the meteorite lamp in March 2019 and could connect it to the German yeelight server in the yeelight App. With this I used it without problems for over a year with yeelight scenes, connection to Alexa and also with After a firmware update The lamp is constantly shown as offline in the yeelight app. After deleting the lamp in the yeelight app and resetting it, the Yeelight app could not find the lamp any longer. The Mi home app on the chinese mainland server can find and connect to the app.
Apparently the firmware update removed the ability to connect it to the German yeelight server. What can I do to fix this?

Can maybe someone from the yeelight staff answer: is support for this lamp terminated?

your MI ID please

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@rex_yan1, thanks for the reply. Did you get my direct message?
Or should I post my MI ID here?

Thank you very much @rex_yan1. After the firmware update to to 2.0.6_0050, I was able to register the lamp in the yeelight app on the German server. Registering took ~5 tries with resetting of the lamp, but now it works!

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