Yeelight Connection timeout ERROR

In regard to this thread:

Nothing works for me

It doesn’t work.
My ID is: 6328558182.
My devide is: Samsung S10/S10+

I have a Yeelight LED Bulb and after reading ALL the replies here, I was trying to connect my bulb but it didn’t work.

  • Tried to login to AND but I coun’t get an access because the password changed.
  • Tried to login to 2410552805, yeelink1234. BUT failed because someone changed the password…
  • Tried to change region to Mainland China and still no success(Used to be on recommended Asia and Oceania).
  • Tried to create new account this time chose Russia as region and still no success.
    It never asked me to update my firmware which is weird
    What now and how can I fix the problem?
    Thanks in advance!