Color 1S bulbs missing colors (defaults to red) and brightness levels


I purchased a 4-pack of the 1s color bulb from yeelight. After roughly a month of working perfectly, three of them now have the same error.

  • At the brightest settings, colors are only slightly off, compared side by side to the functioning light. When I turn the lights to white, they are more pink. When I turn the lights to orange, they are a little more red.
  • At any brightness under ~50%, the colors behave much more erratically. Any warm colors default to pure red.
    *Usually, at any brightness under 50% they also dim to such a low level that even in a pitch black room, they don’t illuminate anything. It is far below the lowest setting of the functioning light. This happens most often with warm colors like above, but also sometimes with purple.

I wish I could describe the issue better, but it’s fairly unpredictable.

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It it simillar?

Hardware issue confirmed by Yeelight