Lights keep becoming unavailable/unresponsive and then available minutes later many many times a day

All 5 of my ceiling lights have this problem, however it never happened to my panel lights.

Here’s the screenshot of 2 of my ceiling lights from Home Assistant UI:

Snipaste_2020-08-29_14-28-35 Snipaste_2020-08-29_14-29-03 \

Each gray stripe is an episode of unvailability lasting for around 2 mins. During the episode the lights are unresponsive and HA couldn’t get the right status from them.

I believe this problem is very similar to the one mentioned here: Urgent firmware downgrade request (2.0.6_0051) Home Assistant Unavaliability, however lights in the topic are LED bulbs while I have ceiling lights.

I’ve been using yeelights for months now and the problem mentioned above keep showing up, it’s driving me crazy please fix this, thanks.

mi id: 720508446