Bedside Lamp 2 + Alexa

Hello, I bought an Alexa a few days ago and I’m not able to find the Mi Bedside Lamp 2 device.
In addition, I have some Yeelight Strips that were soon recognized by Alexa. In the application of Yeelight both Bedside Lamp 2 and Yeelight Strips are detected.
Can anyone help?

Someone can help me?
My Bedside Lamp 2 have firmware 2.0.6_0030.

With the latest policy of Mijia, they don’t allow 3-rd partner control devices with brand Mijia. So you can’t see these devices from google home/Alexa/IFTTT. If you want to control these devices that disappear from google home/Alexa/IFTTT, please try with mihome skill. Google Home/Alexa/IFTTT won't support Mijia of Yeelight