Yeelight Toolbox

Nice app
I have the same error of marcelock

Install slimdx

Огромное спасибо за ваше приложения Yeelight Toolbox это просто шедевр если бы вы еще как то добавили в него что то вроде Yeelight Music это было бы круто! Я желаю вам успеха и дальнейшего развития в этом направлении ваше приложение делает нашу жизнь ярче и интересней!

I started getting the Windows error of the .NET Framework, so i readed the post and after that i installed the .NET Framework and slimdx so i managed to open the app without errors, but i can’t find my yeelights bulbs (``yeelight II color´´ x 2)… i tryed restarting windows and tryed one or two more versions, not only the last one.
I have connected the bulbs to my wifi with my phone using the yeelight app and my PC is connected to the router via ethernet. i readed too that i have to configure the bulbs in the app to the LAN mode so i did too, but doesen’t work, tryed to restart windows and still don’t working…
What can i do now?
Sorry for my english, i know i have to improve it. And thanks for the answers. :slight_smile:

Ok, i keeped trying and i started thinking maybe the firewall of windows or the antivirus was the problem. And yes… As soon as i desactivated Avast everything work fine, this app is amaizing… lot of thx for it.
I just wondering now how can i do to not have to turn off and on avast every time i want to manage the app. i created and exception for Yeelight_toolbox_3.0.2.exe in Avast but doesent work, i still having to turn off and on every time… Thx :slight_smile:

· Bug fixes.

Added an option to add devices manually for those of you who can’t get automatic discovery to work (Advanced -> Add device). It’s still work in progress.


I have an error message on yeelight toolbox “index content cannot be negative …” when i connect my pc to the the tv and start the movie mode, any idea please ? knowing that it works fine from my PC

Very cool application but I must report some bugs here.

  • Avast removes the exe after using it for a short amount of time, saying its a “IDP.Generic”.
  • The website SlimDX doesn’t exists anymore