Yeelight Toolbox


Nothing else changed. Try resetting your devices or re enabling lan control


got it working!


· Minor UI improvements.


Thanks for the dark theme fix :+1:


Hi there @jordi.id96!

I have installed ver. 2.0.1 and it seems too be EXTREMELY heavy on PC resources compared to ver. 1.2.3 I had been using. I have a dedicated Win10 TV box (Z8300, 2GB DDR 3) just for running your app.

With ver.2.0.1 it could not run at all. It simply was not fast enough. It completely drained the little PC’s resources.

What has changed? Why is that?

BTW, do you plan on supporting multiple lights in the future?

Thanks a lot for your great effort.


I added options to tweak movie mode, go to the advanced tab and play with the parameters. Maybe your PC is not powerful enough to run at the default values, but try changing them


· Some UI tweaks.
· Improved movie mode performance. I got deeper into the DirectX 3D API and tweaked hardware acceleration and stuff, so it should be way better now. And of course it still can capture full screen apps or games. You can still play with the settings in the advanced tab (change frame rate and screen percentage to scan). But keep in mind that it could still be very demanding on low powered computers if you choose a very high refresh rate or percentage. Lower values should be completely fine (100ms and 10% consumes about 20% of CPU, which it is still pretty fast and provides lots of data for color calculation).
· Display selection for movie mode. Choose what monitor should be captured for movie mode if you have multiple of them connected to your PC.