Yeelight Toolbox



  • Developer mode / LAN control enabled for each device.

  • Computer and Yeelight devices connected to the same local network.

  • .NET Framework 4.5 or later.

  • SlimDX End User Runtime (.NET 4.0)

  • Supports Yeelight LED (Color), Yeelight LED (White), Yeelight Lightstrip (Color), Yeelight Ceiling Light and Yeelight Bedside Lamp.



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Cool :grin:

Hi, Jordi, i visit the url you shared above. but i get a page 404. i think is it be deleted by you ? Can you check or share it again?

Should be fixed now, sorry!

Thank you so much that is amazing. Have been looking for a PC app to control my Yeelights Is it a uwp app? Thanks

Glad it’s useful!
It’s just a regular Windows program. I plan to support other operating systems and I’ll also take a look at UWP so it can be used from devices like an xbox

Great a uwp would be great as you mentioned it could b v installed on an Xbox and Windows mobile. Happy to beta test if you require?


I made an Ambilight clone and it’s working pretty well. I’ll include it after I do more testing

Great. I was just here looking if anyone has made Windows app and this was first post.
Thank you very much for this!
One suggestion: rooms would be great thing, so we don’t have to control every bulb separately.

Thank you!
Rooms/gouping bulbs is already in my to do list but I don’t know when I’ll add it, the list is pretty long

How soon? I would love to “play” with the toolbox but I don’t have a Windows machine, only Mac and Linux :frowning:

It’s at the top of my list, but I can’t tell you when. I don’t have much time for this

New version including movie mode: it detects the screen most common color and applies it to the selected device.
During this mode you can still control the brightness and minimize the program to tray, etc.

program doesn’t want to start for me in version 1.1.2

for version 1.0.0 it worked totally fine.

Should be fixed, no need for other .dll

Not work for me. Win10, 64

Download it from here
Should be working now without the dll. Tested it on 3 pcs. Tell me if it works for you

Hey man, thax for your work!

I’m waiting for Linux client!

Great work!

Hey great application! If you can adjust the color pick of the screen a little better if its possible because in a lot of scenes it detects white and there are many more colors in the frame at the time.

I think you mean the screen color picker. You start dragging the mouse from that box to the color you want. You can view a zoomed preview in that box.

If you mean the movie mode, it detects the most common color, not the accents. The problem is that the bulb doesn’t support black or darker colors, so sometimes the bulb shows white or any other random color. Right now, if the screen is completely black, I’ve set it to turn the brightness to the lowest level. I’ll try to fix the random colors, but I don’t think there’s much I can do.

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