Yeelight Toolbox


Of course, sadly I can’t say when, I’m too busy so it won’t come soon…


We are patiently waiting for your new version that will hopefully solve the movie mode crash issue.

Thanks a lot!


Version 1.2.0 published. Includes fixes, some features requested by users and a lot of under the hood improvements.
As always, feedback is much appreciated!

Check the changelog here


Nice work man ! I will try it, looks good so far :wink:
Next step, adding group function :grin:


For me, still the same - DOES NOTHING.


Movie mode crash is fixed!!! Just tested it and it works great. Latency set to 400 ms. Only problem with s is hen screen is dark. Overall looks fine though.

Thanks a lot for your work.


By the way, I think it would be great if we could:

  1. Select a maximum brightness level but still use auto brightness.
  2. Select a color that is default for dark screens.
  3. Group multiple light sources.

All in all your app is GREAT. Thank you so much for providing an extremely low cost ambilight experience.


Working fine here! Thanks.


Uploaded 1.2.1.
Contains a couple of suggested features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!


The new version I uploaded contains some improvements about your second point.
Previously, whenever black or gray colors appeared on the screen, the bulb just showed white (the yeelight bulb can’t produce black light as you know). Now, if you have auto-brightness disabled, that’s not a problem anymore (auto-brightness handled that well). Black or gray tones will translate to a lower brightness. For the other colors, whatever brightness you adjust manually will be applied.
The challenge is that because of the Yeelight API implementation, I can’t simply turn the bulb off when black is detected. When the bulb turns off, music mode (the command I use for movie mode) shuts down, so the bulb can’t turn on again easily. At the moment, lowering the brightness to the minimum is the better solution.
I am already thinking of a solution that would allow me to turn the bulb off completely, but it will take time, and hopefully doesn’t hurt performance or causes lag. It will need testing. For now, I just wanted to quickly release this method so you could enjoy movie mode a bit more.


Published my tool on
Take a look at it!


Thank you very much for your efforts. I am using auto brightness so version 1.2.1 should not change smith for me, is that correct?

BTW, your app has improved my viewing experience very much. Whenever I watch smh without your ambilight it feels like smth is missing.


Okay, so I tried again the software and … it worked ! I didn’t updated it it’s still in 1.1.7 but for unknow reason it now work. I didn’t even updated the firmware of the lamp.

edit : wow, it’s incredible it work instantanly with you software. When i use the android app i have a 1s delay.


Released 1.2.2
Fixes weird color picking in movie mode for some users.


Any version of this toolbox can’t find my rgb bulb :confused: It’s 100% connected to this same LAN, “yeelights_control.exe” don’t work too. Can you help me?


Ok, i found something - on my laptop connected by wifi it’s working, but on PC connected by cable not :confused: This same Windows 10 x64, this same LAN


I have an idea too. Maybe could you do some “music mode”? This one in yeelight android app gives me a cancer… :confused: something like “audiovisualizer” in steelseries engine 3 would be great! My dream is effect something like on this video (, but controlled directly from PC :smiley:


If other programs don’t work either I can’t do anything


Then chek if you have other virtual adapters active on your system


I want to add music mode to my windows app. Also, I am developing and android app for music mode that uses internal audio instead of the one captured from the microphone.