Anyway to get something like ScreenBloom for this light?


Will it work on FireTV (first generation)?


If Kodi works on it, it will. I am not sure about the “ambi” function though, that needs to be tested on each device.


It is not Android it is DreamOS known as enigma2.

I meen is it possible to use your code to reprogramm yeemee into a enigma2 Plugin?


Asi I said - it is a KODI addon, so it works only on KODI.


Thank you for the Information.

Now I have to find an other way to run my Yeelight on my enigma2 Box…


My app Yeelight Toolbox includes an ambilight clone that works in any program, even fullscreen games.


Would be great if the PC must not be connected to the same WiFi-Network.

I have set up a special WiFi for my smart home.


That is necessary to be able to send commands quickly and with the lowest latency possible.


Hello, thanks for the app.

Unfortunately, It doesn’t work on my PC (Windows 10 Pro 64bit)


Some users are reporting issues. For some people it works and for others it doesn’t. I’m trying to fix it.


Maybe there are issues with the network they did not realize:

  • it has to be a 2,4 GHz network, i think.
  • the PC has to be in the same network


I’m connected to my router via Ethernet cable, and the bulb is connected with 2.4GHz wifi. It works perfectly. Not sure what the issue is for other people. I found that I had to double check that developer mode was enabled.


Developer mode is enabled. I am able to control bulbs from telnet or other 3rd party apps (LAN). If network was the issue nothing would work since bulbs support only 2.4Ghz and they wouldn’t even be able to connect to WLAN. The app starts and nothing happens. No spinning mouse, nothing (when I click on button to list bulbs). Even sending direct commands is not working. Also, Symantec SEPP is reporting a malware on the app.


My virus scanner (Bitdefender) has not detected anything, even after directly scanning the file.


The problem has nothing to do with the network, I already knew that. For now it seems pretty random, that’s why I need more feedback. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow, I only have weekends to work on this.
Also, if your antivirus detects it as malware, it’s probably because of the SlimDX.dll that it is included in the app. It is necessary for the movie mode to work. Totally safe, the dll is open source.


Only on Windows? So this won’t work on Kodi on Android TV?

EDIT: I only have a white bulb, but it worked using Kodi on Android TV. Just ordered a color bulb to test it out. Has anyone tried it with multiple bulbs or the LED strip?


It works on both Windows and Android.


We have been seriously thinking about this feature. Yes, we will do it. But there need time to discuss and design the details. Will let your guys know once we decide to kick off.


I only have a white bulb and tried it on my Android TV, and it seems to work (on/off). I ordered a color bulb and will try it with that!

@dalanik How many Yeelight bulbs would you think are optimal? Will one bulb be enough or more? And is there any benefit of using the Yeelight LED strip over multiple bulbs?


@vevola: It depends, where you can place the lights. I have 2 bulbs (L/R) + light strip (far R)… ideal would be either simple setup 2 bulbs (L/R) or 2 bulbs (L/R) + 1 strip (Down, if you can place it under tv or some tv shelf etc)… I have seen a setup with TOP light as well.