Mi LED Desk Lamp - not visible in Google Home

Hi There,

My new Mi LED Desk Lamp has been successfully setup in both the Mi Home and Yeelight apps and is perfectly controllable. However when the account is connected to Google Home, operation isn’t recognised.

If the Mi Home account is connected to Google Home, the Mi LED Desk Lamp is visible but any attempt to control it via the Google Home app or assistant fails.

If the Yeelight account is connected to Google Home, the Mi LED Desk Lamp is not visible at all.

I have a Yeelight LED Strip which is connected and works with both accounts via Google Home.

Mi ID/Yeelight account: 6167928076

With the latest policy of Mijia, they don’t allow 3-rd partner control devices with brand Mijia. So you can’t see these devices from google home/Alexa/IFTTT. If you want to control these devices that disappear from google home/Alexa/IFTTT, please try with mihome skill.

What is Mihome Skill? I would like to control my lamp along with my lightstrip.

This is disappointing as I purchased based on the fact that I could control it via google assistant along with my other yeelight products.

More Details: Google Home/Alexa/IFTTT won't support Mijia of Yeelight

You need to use your mi account to connect to Google Home. If you can’t control it. You need to contact Mi Home team.

What is the contact for Mi Home team?

Unable to link my Yeelight account to Google Home. My ID is 1888530973.Please Assist to rersolve the issue