Smart LED Bulb 1S (YLDP13YL) disconnect from WiFi every 15 minutes


I have 6 YLDP13YL bulbs and 3 of the older LED Color bulbs (YLDP06YL).
If I connect them to my Archer C7 access point and disable the internet connection for the bulbs, the YLDP13YL bulbs disconnect from the WiFi exactly every 15 minutes and take around 30 - 45 seconds to reconnect.
However, the YLDP06YL bulbs don’t have this problem.
When the bulbs have an internet connection they don’t disconnect. So it seems like this isn’t a problem with the access point.
I plan to use the LAN mode and control them from Home Assistant, so I’d like the bulbs to not have an internet connection.
I made a screenshot of the history tab in Home Assistant and the small grey vertical bars show when the bulb disconnected, red means light off, green means light on. As you can see the 3 YLDP06YL bulbs didn’t disconnect.
This looks similar to the issue in this thread: Urgent firmware downgrade request (2.0.6_0051) Home Assistant Unavaliability
Which was apparently fixed in firmware version 2.0.6_0065.

My YLDP13YL bulbs have firmware version 2.0.6_0027.
My YLDP06YL bulbs, which don’t have the problem, have firmware version 2.0.6_0065.

It looks like the YLDP13YL bulbs have an older firmware version installed, but the Yeelight app says they are on the newest firmware version.

Does someone know what is going on here? Is it possible to fix this problem?


I have this problem too. The model yldp13yl is very unstable for HomeKit

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I have the same problem.

Any solution?