they were working PERFECTLY but today at a random time (didn’t know when exactly) they didn’t work anymore.

they didn’t appear online. I tried to reconnect them (after resetting them) but NOTHING happened. i tried so many times i lost many hours. i resetted the Router, i tried with different routers. it always either finished the setup or no connection to the router and then it said it was offline.

what should i change? before you ask, WI-fi password is correct, at 2,4Ghz! i tried with different router, different wifi but nothing happened. what shall i do?


The same thing happens to me, the light bulbs have stopped working.

I have them on the European server.

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Hi, same thing its happening me from today. I have the Americas Server

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Same problem for mi, I have them on the European server to!

Same thing happened to me today. I believe these servers are down (I’m in the American one). Hopefully yeelight fixes this soon.

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If somebody know some news about this, please advice. Thanks all

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Same is happening to me. I was on the American Server and nothing works! (and I know all the lights are connected as well).

I tried the Chinese one and stuff is working there, so servers must be down or something… and that’s completely unacceptable!

Same here. It stopped working. I am on American server

Same problem here. All my 4 color bulbs stopped working. I also use the American server.

Same thing. It just stopped and doesn’t connect anymore.

I normally use american server so I changed to Asian server and it’s works, probably some servers are with problems

i am also having this issue. both my yeelight bulb color and lightstrip plus went offline and have been like this since around 7pm EST.

Yes same here. USA sever. Try 2hours and still not work

It worked for me now.

This morning i was able to recconect all my devices to the European Server.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on the fix.

Hi all, please have a try, the issue has been fixed.

How do you try? Do you simply get back in the app? None of the bulbs are working… do I need to reset and re-add all my 29 Yeelight bulbs V2 again?

No, I don’t think so. It’s the issue of cloud backend, so it should work again if you power off and power on the bulbs again. If you still have the issue, please have a check if the bulbs connect to your router. If yes, leave your xiaomi account and tell me server you use, I will help have a check.

Just did the power-off/on thing and they’re all back online. Thank you, Andy!

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