Yeelight Color II - "Updating connection status, just a sec..." time out

Hey there,

I originally set up my lights in the yeelight app, and have been controlling them via google home ever since.

However, I recently signed into the yeelight app again because I got a new router and upon signing in again there were no devices listed, shortly afterwards they all disappeared from google home too.

I thought at first that maybe I originally signed in using facebook so I tried that next but my account number was the same regardless of if i used facebook or a password - so I don’t think that’s the issue.
Account number is 6174623989

I tried resetting the lights (off and on 5 times until multi-color flashing) and adding them again via the yeelight app but all of them get stuck on the “Updating connection status, just a sec…” message and eventually time out.

These are the bulbs I have
I’m fairly certain they are the Color II model, because the wifi names show up as yeelink_light_color2_...

I’m using a 2.4ghz wifi connection
I’ve set the router’s dns to and to no success
I’m using the latest android app
Don’t know the bulb firmware but I did update them all when I first set them up about a year ago – late march 2019.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
My smart lights are currently dumb lights and stuck on the last colour I had them set to :frowning: