YLXD16YL Flex Switch support

Are there any plans for Flex Switch support for YLXD16YL and YLXD12YL. I just bought set of Yeelight and Mijia FlexSwitches (YLKG12YL and MJKG01-1YL) and realised that only Mi LED Ceiling Lamp (MJXDD01YL) support it - other 4 lamps I have (YLXD16YL and YLXD12YL) do not have such option (Enable “Flex” switch option missing in lamp settings). Any workaround?

I’m not staff but I think this feature is hardware dependent. If it’s not supported now it will never be

I would say it is a matter of firmware - Flex Switch cut the power for a 1s and lamp need to know how to react.

But that requires the circuit to stay powered for that one second, no?

, which requires some kind of capacitor not included in the design of earlier models. Like Jiaoyue 480 vs Jiaoyue 480 homekit version

Imo if Yeelight lamps support Default state which means they save state even if lamp has no power means they can support Flex Switch. They just need to save last state and after power is up again change it to opposite one

I think during flex switch control it never powers off. Because if it does it takes time to reconnect to wifi. So it’s a different mechanism than saving the last power state

Anyways if it were firmware only there would be no reason to leave out this feature from some models vs others

That is very true. That is why I would love to hear an official response from Yeelight staff

Just got a reply from Yeelight support. @zsqduke was right. Those lamps do not support Flex switches on hardware side unfortunatelly.

Hi everyone I need lamps (list) with support Flex switches?

Dear all, I bought 4 spot lights from Xiaomi&Philips to use with yeelight flex switch, but when I try turn on the flex switch on the app I don’t have this function. Someone can help with?

I tried use the switch with the bulb YLDP02YL RGB and is the same thing, I can’t find the flex switch option on the app.