"Always on" ligths solutions


As I wrote in one of previous topics, I have installed recently a flex switch which basically keep one of my lamp always connected and I can turn it on and off from my phone, remote controll and wall switch.
I love the idea. However as I mentioned here, most of my lamps do not support such switch.
I’m looking for a closest solution for a rest of my lamps (YLXD16YL and YLXD12YL). What Yeelight or third party options do I have? (basically I want to be able to turn on my lamp with phone, wall switch, automation rules)

For automations I’m using Xiaomi Gateway v2

  1. Xiaomi or Aqara wireless switch. Set up automations in the app and you are good to go. May require internet to work.
  2. Yeelight bluetooth dimmer switch. Wired or wireless. One switch can control multiple lights ( although they won’t sync up). Multiple switches can control the same light.
  3. yeelight remote

1 . may require internet but you can assign buttons to other automations. 2 and 3 is more reliable, doesn’t require internet but cannot be used for anything else

  1. Can you give me a link to Xiaomi ones? I cannot find such. Regarding Aquara - I tried to add it in Mi Home and it says it is not compatible with my Hub (requires Aqara hub maybe?)
  2. What do you mean? Removing a switch compeletly and put remote on the wall?
  1. Stick them on wall next to the old switch or on top of the old wall switch (after removing the toggle so that it’s flat)

1 . You probably have the aqara switch (upgraded version) which requires the aqara hub. What’s the website for sourcing these for you? I can find it for you. But here it is on Aliexpress