Yeelight Led Colour, stopped working after firmware update

Hello i bought yesterday a brand new Yeelight LED Bulb(color), it worked smooth with yeelight app and Mi Home app until today when i saw there was a firmware update, my update stacked at 60 % and i got a failed message, then i tried again for 2 more times and still failed at 60 %… Then my bulb when offline from both apps, i reseted it like 6 times , and still appears as offline in my apps …
Tell me what i do .? Should i ask for refund and get a new one or is there any work arround ?

Hi, if you reset your bulb, you need to reconnected it.

Hi, what’s the issue did you encounter? Please describe it.

I made it work again, reset and wait 8 hours then it works again :grin::ok_hand:

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Hi in my case, after I reset factory (color flashing) didn’t allow me to reconnect it

Can you find it in Yeelight app? And when you power on/off for the first time, did the light bulb color flash?

My yeelight color bulbs go offline since I updated firmware. They were working perfectly before the firmware update. I have to physically shut them and turn them on in order to get them back online. Then, they will go offline again…I wish I hadn’t updated them. I am using the yeelight app, everything is up to date.

I also have the same issue
Now my bulbs seems offline but I can ping them from network successfully

Hi, what the model of your bulbs? You can see that in Device Infomation of Yeelight app.

Hi, what the model of your bulbs?

Hello, the model no. Is YLDP06YL production date 01/2019
That information is from the box
My device info on app shows:
Signal strength
IP address
MAC address
I do not see model # in yeelight app. I hope this helps, thank you for your reply


The model is also the YLDP06YL for both bulbs

Hello again

After some tests Imy issue solved after changing dns setting of my router

Try Google or cloudflare dns and test again

So the firmware update it’s not connected to my issue


My bulbs have stayed online for the last 30 hours. I have changed nothing, I have no idea why they are staying online, but I’m really happy they are. I see there’s a recent update for the yeelight app… I am afraid to do it :worried:

The offline issue has nothing with Yeelight app.

The offline issue is the firmware update. Will it be fixed?

Please try those methods.

  1. If your router is a dual-band router, please separate the 2.4G and 5G networks.
  2. If your router support wpa3, please abandon it.
  3. Try change the dns of your router to

I have a similar issue after firmware update and it’s frustrating. I commanded my Google mini to turn light color to white and now it turns blue!

My bulbs are continuing to stay online, I haven’t changed anything. I have no idea why they work now, but am really happy they are working again. I still haven’t updated the app as I’m afraid, like the firmware update, they will stop working again. I appreciate your reply, thank you

This may be the unstable connection between the lamp and the server.