After I update my yeelight led bulb 1s, It stopped to work


I receive today my yeelight led bulb 1s.
At first it pair perfectlly (on/off 5 times, blinking white light) with the YeeLight app, i decided then to add to my Google Home, too perfect.

Then the App show me exist some update, i decided to do it.

Next after 30 minutes the update never ends, finally the app crashed, and at this moment the Bulb shows all the time Offline. I tryed to reset the bulb (on/off 5 times, blinking colors light), next i tryed again to pair but it doesn’t blink in white as the first time i paried, it blink with colors as i was trying to reset again.

Now is as a regular bulb. What can i do?

Thanks for the help

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I could check im not the only one with the same problem.

In my case my router didn’t find now the bulb

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