Yeelight Color 1S unreachable after firmware update (2.0.6_0024)


i got my new Yeelight Color 1S a week ago and everything was fine. The bulb came with a 1.x.x firmware installed. A few days ago i updated the bulb to firmware 2.0.6_0024 and since then the bulb always becomes unreachable after 1 hour and cannot be controlled anymore until i restart it. No apps are able to detect it (Home app, Yeelight app, Xiaomi Home app) until i reset it again. I have reset it multiply times but that did not help.
Can I somehow downgrade the bulb back to the 1.x.x firmware? Is there any fix for that? Or is my new bulb now permanently damaged?
Any help would be appreciated.


When the bulb unreachable, could you ping it through your PC to see if it still connects to your router?
Also, please let us know your router’s model.

No, I cannot ping the bulb anymore. It completely disappears from the network and does not connect to the router anymore. My router is a netgear x500.
Like i said, the bulb was working fine with the old 1.x.x firmware. This started after i upgraded to the latest firmware. So I think you have a bug in your latest firmware which crashes the bulb software or the firmware update damaged the bulb. What is the solution here?


any update? My bulb is still unusable…

Just curious, is your router security using WPA3? I’ve been dealing with the same thing and found that to be the issue. I have some older Yeelights that have been working just fine, but I got some new bulbs that stopped working after a recent firmware update. I tried all kinds of things, using Google’s DNS, switching servers, and using that yeelink account with a mobile hotspot, and none of it worked. Finally I turned off WPA3 on my Google Nest Wifi and the bulbs magically work now. Hopefully the Yeelight staff can fix this through a firmware update.

No, it is WPA2. It connects fine to the network and works for around 1h without any issues. After around 1h the bulb is dead and the only thing i can do is cut the power. I still have the issue…
@weiwei can i expect a fix for that? Maybe at least a firmware downgrade?

@weiwei still nothing… will this ever be fixed?

At this point i have bought a second 1S bulb and did the update to test if this is firmware related and the second bulb is does not work now too… The same as the first one after around 1 hour it gets unreachable. Your firmware 2.0.6_0024 is broken and should be immediately taken down. Will there ever be a fix for the currently broken bulbs or can i just throw them away?

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It happen exactly the same to me.
I tryed to rest it to factory mode, but never work since the update.

This is pretty sad that they do not do anything about it. I mean with the 1.x.x firmware the bulb was working fine and now i just have 2 1S bulbs which are useless. Why there is still no fix for that? @weiwei @YEELIGHT_SUPPORT

Dear customer support, dear @weiwei,

I have a similar problem as the users above. Bought two yeelight led color bulbs 1s, firmware 1.x.x (can’t remember right now the number but can check exactly later, if necessary). Updated one of them to 2.0.6_0024, being the last available firmware in the area I’m from (European server). After the upgrade, the bulb does not connected to the yeelight app anymore, as well is not connected to the WiFi at all.
MI ID: 6205575755
The other bulb, for which I didn’t update the firmware works like a charm.
Wouldn’t you be kind to tell what can be done to make it work again?
Thanks a lot!


Hi @marian23 @sorinb

Just to check we have the same situation seen that @weiwei doesn’t give us solution.

Did you tried to factory reset the bulb? Did it flash with different colors? After that, the bulb flash with white light again to try to pair it ot always flash with colors?

Thanks for the help

Best regards

Factory reset does not help anything. I have tried that.

Hi Guillermo,

Tried factory resetting a few times, always got the colorful flashing after and not the white one. Didn’t change anything. In the meantime I’ve returned the bulb where I bought it from and waiting for a replacement for which I’ll make sure to not update the firmware…


Thanks both of you.

I will try to replace it to without update it too.


If you still have it, I finally fix it. Reset factory, and don’t turn it off. Let it on like 30 minutes, then try to pair it again. If not turn off and on and try to pair.Works for me.

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@weiwei @YEELIGHT_SUPPORT will this ever be fixed or can you at least provide me with a firmware downgrade? My Yeelight 1S bulbs just collect dust because they are still unusable after the firmware update.

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Hello all
I have the same problems with 2 new Yeelights 1s.
I bought it some days ago, and worked fine.

And after the update, no way to connect, or reset.
I tried with Xiaomi home, with the yeelight app.

I tried the solution @Guillermo, without success !

Is anyone have a solution? Is a troobleticket opened to xiaomi about this problem?
Seems to be be very serious. A connected light unconnected…


Thanks a lot

I still do not have a solution for my 2 Yeelight 1s. They are still useless for me since the freeze (disappear from the network) after around 1 hour. It is really disappointing that the did not do anything about it after such a long time.

Same problem here. :frowning: