Yeelight bulb all offline

Since yesterday my 7 yeelight color Led bulbs are always offline. (All the switches are On).
That means I cannot control them neither via google home / assistant nor via the yeelight app.

I registered the bulb under the singapore server.
More over I cannot control them via the Mi Home app (I cannot see them) and in Google assistant I see them double

What it is happening?

My yeelight ID 6203636183.
I tried to logout and login again… if I switch off the switches and then on again they are again onlinr but just for a couple of hours

Thanks for your support

First, have a check if network connection is ok. Then please make sure if the bulb connects to your router.

After my last switch off and on again I (still) don’t have any issues…if I will have the same I will try to check the connection with the router. Thanks

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Still have the same issue…
I see the bulbs connected on my router but some of them off line and other online…
They should have the latest firmware…

I also reset the bulbs (all of them), reconnected to different servers… and now they are on the china server

I also reboot the router, but the same issue.
I don’t have any issue with the other devices connected to the router

It is really annoying


It looks like they have issues on their end. Mine are also the same. Offline for couple of days. Very annoying.

Hello, how about logout and login Yeelight again to see if the bulb back online. By the way, android or iOS do you use?

Already done to log off and login again but nothing…
The only way to make them again available is to switch phisically off and turn them on again

I’m using android.

I have bought a new bulb 1s color, and after couple of minutes of using, I updated the firmware. Since then, I cannot do anything with the bulb. It is offline in the app, I cannot remove it or add again.
I have reset it a few times (on and off 5 times) with no result
Can I ask to downgrade the firmware? Can you do it remotely or I have to do it?
MI ID: 6272132107
Server: Europe and Africa (Frankfurt)
Is there anything more you need?

I have this issues as well. A router reboot sometimes fixes the issue but you should fix these issues as this is a known issue with the bulbs

Don’t expect us to reboot the router every two weeks inorder for the bulbs to work properly.

Ok, it works now. I have reset the bulb and in the same time tried to add it again, and it got discovered

I wish it was only every two weeks. My bulbs only work for a minute or two before going offline again. It’s so frustrating.

Try to give the command: “sync my devices” to google assistant
It worked for me.

That is not an issue of google assistant.
I had the issue even before adding MI Home or Yeelight to google assistant.
After a couple of weeks that I had no issues today again I had 2 bulbs that were offline…

Really frustrating

Not a google assistant issue. The bulbs show offline at the Yeelight app.

Now everything is offline… even disconnect from the router.
I have 7 smart bulbs but I need to use the physical switch to light them on…

Did any of you managed to have those working?
I already reset them without any result and I will not reset again just to try it otherwise I have to rebuild again all the automations.

Can we have a firmware that avoids dropping the connection?

I just got 3 1S RGB bulbs today and they worked great out of the box. I even set up a few schedules in IFTTT. Then I updated the firmware and now I have really expensive dumb bulbs, thanks Yeelight.

Just an update on the topic
A few days ago one bulb (in a room with other two bulbs) stopped working. It was connected to the router but it was strange. Instead oof the name it showed the MAC addresss.
Yesterday I physically switched it off and on again.
Today the other two lamps are not working and other 2 in other rooms are offline too
34out of 7 are offline: one of them connected to the rooter but showing the mac address, three other completely disconnected from the router

Can I have some support? It is really frustrating this situation.

I have same problem. I have Bedsidelamp 2 long time ago. It always Offline after few days. I turned it Off and On but it still offline then I have to reset it and add to Mihome again. Now I’m frustrated, I’m using it as a normal lamp, not smart anymore

Fews week ago. I bought 1s color bullb. I added it to Mihome then added to Apple Home app also. It still Offline after few hours/minutes. I think it was a firmware problem. Because it happen after I updated firmware. I updated but while Mihome showing updating screen. I switch to another app then switch back to Mihome, it showed the firmware has been updated. I think it’s OK, the process is done, automaticlly.
Now I have to turn it off then turrn on, physicly. It online back. But offline after few hours

I think Yeelight products all have a problem of connection. I have many Xiaomi devices in my home, Xiaomi and Yeelight respond slowwwwly. BUT only Yeelight devices have this OFFLINE problem.
Both Yeelight and Xiaomi should learn from eWelink, Broadlink or others. Im using them and their devices respond quickly, immediately when I ask Gooogle Assistant or click on the app. The most important is: they never show Offline status

I love Yeelight products because they are almost beautiful. But I have no trust in stability

I’m facing this issue now too… created many topics and no Yeelight staff want to look at it. I have over 20 Yeelight in my house. A lot of them went offline. I have verify that they are all still connected to the wifi. A lot of automation fails when the device is offline to mi home server. I think it’s Yeelight server issue. I have no problem with other device connected to Mi home server. Only Yeelight having issue.

now it seems that every 2-3 days all the bulbs are disconnected from the router… that of course is annoying because either I switch physically off and the on again all the lamps or I need to reboot my router… it happens only with yeelights… all other smart stuffs I have remain connected without any issue…
seriously it is really embarassing… and no one gave any suggestion/had a look and gave a feedback