Mi LED Smart Bulb not working with Alexa

Hi, I bought a Mi LED Smart Bulb - White and Color, because they were advertised as working with Alexa.

I can see and control the bulb in the Yeelight app, and in the MiHome app.

I installed both the Yeelight skill, and the MiHome skill in Alexa, but the bulb is never found.

I tried resetting, using just the Yeelight skill, using just the MiHome skill…just doesn’t work.

My Mi ID is 6190777669

Thank you.

Please refer to

Thank you, however if you read my query, I also stated that I’m using the Mi Home application, which according to that thread you linked, should work with Alexa.

So, once again, how can I get this lamp, which is advertised as working with Alexa (and the reason why I bought it), working with Alexa and the Mi Home skill?

Could you find Mihome skill from Alexa? Try add it to see if there’s the bulb.

I know this will sound rude, however it would help if you people actually read my replies. I mentioned already, both in my first post, and my second reply, that “Yes, I installed MiHome skill and Alexa doesn’t see the bulb”.

Really…just read the posts, it’s getting to a point were a company that makes great products is being turned to shambles by support that barely exists, doesn’t read posts, and asks stuff that has already been answered, not to mention waiting for 24+ hours for a reply, a reply that asks the same thing that was already answered!

Hello, Mihome and Mihome skill are maintained by Xiaomi Mijia team. we are Yeelight and we can do nothing with Mihome skills.

Cool, same company for the same product, yet a million forums and support teams (which don’t help at all). Guess the only solution is to never buy Xiaomi products again.

Afterall, you suggested to use the Mihome skill…guess so that you guys can just brush it off with the stupid excuse of “we don’t support Mihome”.

Guess I’ll have to contact the EU Trade Commission and see what they have to say about false advertising and zero customer support for products sold here in the EU.