Challenge 0.3s-Response from Google Speaker, No More Wait to Turn On Yeelight

Dear Yeelight Users,

On the first day of Google I/O 2019, Google announced the Local Home SDK would be available for developers to improve the experience of using Google Home. This new local technology will deliver commands faster and more reliable to your smart home devices. As one of the first vendors to access Local Home SDK in the globe, now Yeelight is ready to show “ New ”.

What Can Google Local Home SDK Do?

Through Local Home SDK, the command will be processed and delivered from Google Home to Yeelight devices over Wi-Fi on a local area network (LAN), instead of first processed in the cloud. Locally control speeds up the action execution. After Google Home “understands” your command, ideally the latency of action execution will be reduced below 0.3 second! No need to wait for long to “turn on the light”.

In addition, local control doesn’t mean the “cloud to cloud” link is invalid. While the local control is failed or you need to control your devices remotely, the control link will transfer to the cloud. Therefore, this additional local control link will improve the reliability of your Yeelight smart light control.

For more details, you could also refer to the official manual of Google at

How to Experience Google Local Home SDK with Yeelight products?

It is easy to experience how fast and reliable of local control with your Yeelight devices.

Step 1: Open the “LAN control” of your devices on Yeelight App;
(open the light setting panel and refer to the last button to open the 'LAN control", as the pic in the following shows)

Step 2: Sync Yeelight devices with Google Home App or simply say “Sync my devices” to Google Home Speaker;

Then Google Home will enable Local Execuation and build up local path when possible.

During your experience with Google Local Home SDK feature on Yeelight products, all the comments and suggestion are more than welcome! Feel free to share your experience and comments under this post! Our engineer team are ready to help for trouble shooting. We are also happy to pass your comments to Google team for a better user experience!

Hope you all enjoy the Local Home SDK speed! Cheers.


56% roll out by 24/12.

Seems to work here. My Yeelight Meteorite got faster, nice!

Do you know if we can use this SDK through Google Actions Console to control the lamp(s)? I’m asking this because the Yeelight Developer team removes features instead of adding them (moonlight mode for example). Also I’m not able to only turn on the upper ambilights of the Yeelight Meteorite through Google Home. And when I enabled the ambilights only, through the Yeelight app, my Google Home routine actually has to turn on the lamp before it’s able to turn it off.

I was looking into the API through a NodeJS package ( Made some minor changes to get it working for the Yeelight Meteorite. Currently looking into the possibilities to make my own app for Google Home in order to use my Yeelight as I want to, instead of being limited by the development team. But in order to make this an app would take quit a lot of time. Do you know if the SDK will also enable us to use the lamps as they where intended? Or will we always be limited by the developers after buying the products?

Thanks for your feedback! We will work it out.

Now it’s 100% roll out. Enjoy!!!


Thank you for the effort!
The light is much faster now.

Hi, I have a question regarding the local home SDK.
I have most of the lights set in Singapore Server and linked to Google Assistant.
There is one tunable white light (2nd gen) set in China Mainland server from Mijia home.
I need the PIR sensor to turn on/off the light.
It also can be controlled through Google Assistant, but it seems like it can be set as LAN control. Am I right? Is there any possibility to adjust it?

As long as you enable LAN control, and your bulb was connected same network as Google Home, the Local Home SDK will work.

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Presumably this only applies to Yeelight devices. Not Mijia yeelight devices?

And presumably it wont work if I move all my devices to MI Home?

Yep, only Yeelight yet.

so another fail on the mijia front.

I am sorry, MiHome skill is out of our control.

Hi . I am not able to upgrade my firmware for my yeelight bulf from firmware 1.4.1-48 to 1.4.2_0076. It either keeps failing or goes to 99% and is stuck there.
I also have other yeelight bulbs and had updated them earlier and they updated fine but I don’t think it was the initial version. They got updated from the recently updated version to 1.4.2_0076.

Since I cant update I cant change the settings of the bulb as it says I need to update first and than I can many changes. I have 6 more bulbs and I cant do anything with them

If I try the through the android version its stuck at 1% and not moving forward.

I tried resetting it and it did not work.
I tried creating hotspots and it did not work.
I tried using different routers and it did not work.

I am on the Singapore server and my user id 1733078537

need major help please


It dont works on besidelamp2. Actually It stop working in the last update. I used to control via LAN and this option just disappear.