Mi bedside lamp disappeared from Google Home


I’ve been using yeelight products for a long time and have had them linked to my Google home for a long time.

My bedside lamp use to be in Google home and work perfectly.

It js now missing in my Google home.
All my other yeelight products are still there.

I did do a firmware update on my mi bedside lamp recently… But I am uncertain why it has disappeared from Google home.

I have unlinked and relinked my Xiaomi account to Google. I have also tried resetting the lamp and readding to yeelight app.

It is still not appearing in Google home, but my other devices are.

The device can be found in Samsung smart things app.

The firmware is 1.6.6_0172.




It was written in the forum several times. Xiaomi made it so that nothing that is not under Yeelight brand can be linked to Google Home with Yeelight skill. You have to use Xiaomi skill. This lamp is manufactured by Yeelight but is sold under Mi brand. They probably did this to avoid duplicates (if you link both Yeelight and Xiaomi skills)

Ok. So what shall I do? Unlink yeelight in Google home and only like Mi home? All of my lights are paired within yeelight app

pair Xiaomi…

here is the original link: