Yeelight Mesh YLDPO09YL Offline

Bought three Yeelight mesh candlelights and having an issue getting them to work. They were easily detected via Yeelight app but once synced they all showed as offline. I’ve done multiple restarts and they’re easily re added on the app but I just can’t get it to get online. I’ve switched routers, used LTE, other phones (Android and iPhone) to no avail. I have two other colored bulbs and a bed lamp working perfectly so I just can’t get these new purchases to work. Turn all on/off only works on my existing devices as well and doesn’t work on the new LEDS.

My ID is 6188155828

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Have the same problem with YLDP10YL. Application can discover bulb using BLE, but after adding, it always shows as Offline. Tried from different networks and different servers - doesn’t work at all. My wi-fi router didn’t show any connection attempt from this bulb.

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I have the same issue with the YLDP10YL bulbs and I bought 5 of them!

Turn on the new bulbs and the light up. I select add device in app, then select Mesh LED Bulb. It searches and finds the new bulb. I give the it a name and it finishes setup, all successful. But the bulb instantly goes into “offline” mode and it can’t be controlled from the app.

Also the new devices can’t be found in the linked Alexa app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings Team, same issue here,

I am having a problem with my 3 mesh candle lights (YLDP09YL)… they all seem to appear offline and that is from the very beginning out of the box.
I tried restarting, deleting, logging out of both Mi and Yeelight apps multiple times- no success.

My goal is to use my Mi Body sensor in order to switch them on and after certain amount of time they to be turned off automatically.

However it seems nothing can bring them to life-I can operate them manually with the wall switch, but hey that is not a ‘smart’ light right : slight_smile:

3 of them are with firmware 1.1.0_0053
Connected to Mainland China in both apps and in both apps they are offline.
All are in good wifi range (despite they are Bluetooth).
My Mi account is 19071188181

@dingyichen can you help us out?


Hmm… are we going to get any support on this issue or we need to ditch all yeelight products?

This mesh bulb must work with a mesh gateway. Do you have a mesh gateway connected to your account?

No, of course… no one said this is mandatory to turn on or off a bulb … it said we can control it with Mijia app… so what else can it done these to work straight with the Miapp and sensors???

No, it must work with a mesh gateway.

And is the xiaomi aircon gateway sufficient to make those lamps work or no? Can you list the gateways that are needed and supporting these lamps?

I am having problems with my lamp. The app does not detect it. What can I do?

@dingyichen - hey man I need your help in order to utilize my Yeelight Mesh candle bulbs … please can you let me know if I can automate them with this Xiaomi product:


In the MiApp it says i need some sort of smart clock but the above product also has Bluetooth.
So can I link my mesh candle lights to it and automate them via it?


Yes you can

Hopefully you are correct @zsqduke … i really do not want another smart product sitting in my drawer :wink: cheers!

But I recommend the Mi Smart Gateway. The speaker is useless for you if you don’t speaker Chinese.

But i can use it as camera monitor :slight_smile: i hope so …
Interestingly enough is that i do have an aqara air-conditioning gateway but when i get to the MiHome app i am not able to locate that smart speaker (as per above picture) as available device to be added… odd…

You have to switch to the Chinese server. Accessing camera feeds from the speaker touchscreen UI is very cumbersome. A faster way involves creating an automation triggered by a motion sensor or button and requires some knowledge of the Chinese language to say the least. (Custom directives)

All my Mi items are on the China mainland server so that is no issue. Camera monitor will be used ‘from time to time’ - my bigger question would be how to connect this monitor to the app since i do not see it in the predefined list in the very app and also how the mesh lights are going to be ‘active’ afterwards for automation…

Ah I see. XIAO-AI AI speakers are connected using a companion app called 小爱音箱 “(XIAO-AI Speaker). It’s kinda like the Alexa app for echo speakers. Once added it shows up in Mi home. In theYou can turn on/off the built-in ble mesh gateway in the companion app. I think it’s on by default. It will automatically connect to you BLE Mesh devices on the same account.


Scan this for link to app (both iOS and android)

See above