Unable to properly connect yeelight to google home

Have read many comment here, but does not seems to have a solution till now
Trying to connect yeelight to google home, but it just said it was successfully link but I can’t view the yeelight on the apps
Using Singapore server
Have successfully link yeelight on the yeelight apps
Pls advice if solution has been found

Hello Team, I’m having issues adding my Yeelight to google home too. No error, everything goes through but doesn’t add. … my id is 6260166762

I tried both United States and Germany servers. The yeelight app works fine… Just can’t integrate with Google home
Hope you can support on this

Same problem here. Impossible to link Yeelight acount on google Home app.

My ID : 1583616789

Hello, which device do you have?

Hello, I have 2 Yeelight multicolor smart bulb.
They work fine with the yeelight app, but I just cant link my yeelight account in google home.
Like dhivers91, when I try to add my account, it just go back to the previous screen after I sign in and connect to my account.


I have the same problem with my Mi LED Smart Bulb (White and Color). I can’t link it with my Google Home so I can’t control my light with Google Home. I bought it especially for the link with my Google Home.

My ID is 6274403687.


Same here, all my devices went offline and now I am unable to use them via the Yeelight or Google Home app. I can reset my devices but then I cannot connect them anymore to the Yeelight app. All my products seem to be broken right now. Yeelight staff does not respond to my post…

Same issue here

Same issue for the 5th and last bulb purchased recently.
it’s not recognized.
see https://forum.yeelight.com/t/topic/15306
my ID: 6154628010

I’m having the same issue i have 4 xiaomi LED Bulb color
I cannot see the devices in google home despite reset and re link
My ID is : 6203439407
Thank you

Please refer to

So if we bought a Yeelight bulb from Xiaomi we won’t be able to use them through the Yeelight app with Google Home ?
That’s a shame.

Solution trouvée dans les commentaires de l’application yeeligth sur Google Play

ll faut associer le service MI HOME depuis google HOME et dissocier le service Yeelight

This doesn’t not refer to Yeelight BULB, only devices manufactured under different brand, that is MIJIA… Yeelight branded devices still work.

Mais il me semble qu’avec l’appli Mi Home, les seules actions que tu peux faire c’est allumer ou éteindre les lumières. Plus de scènes ou de consignes de couleur.

But I think that with Mi Home app, the only actions you can do with Google Home are turning on and off the lights.
No more scenes and color changes

Effectivement, impossible de gérer les couleurs avec Mi_Home :roll_eyes:

Same here, connected to Germany server, ID 6277945886

I have 8 yeelight color bulbs (V1).

Toujours pas de solution. Dans les appareils connectés sur la freebox, il y a 4 yeelink-light-color1_miio13xxxxxxx et 1 yeelink-light_color3_miapbf34. Cette dernière est justement celle qui n’apparait pas dans Google_HOME.

Facing the same problem here, I’m using Singapore server as well with the Mi LED Ceiling light.
My id is 6273909536

Hello, same problem with bedside lamp v2
ID 6279701377